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Hustle Butter Deluxe – New York Empire State Tattoo Expo 2019 | Killer Ink Tattoo

Visit www.killerinktattoo.com for tattoo machines, tattoo inks, tattoo needles/cartridges, tattoo aftercare & more!

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WE GOT A DOG! (Wholesome family vlog)

turn on CC for subtitle today is going to be my first time ever taking Brutus out for a walk and I’m kind of excited going to the park, Brutus! I never had a dog growing up but I’ve always wanted one is it you walking Brutus or you walking Brutus? but they weren’t really…

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New York-style pizza at home, v2.0

This recipe is sponsored by Audible. Start listening with a 30-day free trial by using my link in the description. This is an update of a video I posted a year ago about how I try to make New York-style pizza in a home kitchen. I’m going to show you how my technique has evolved…

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No Bake Cheese Cake Simple Recipe


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30-Year Age Gap Couple Offer ‘Sugar Baby’ Advice | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

This is 28 year old Mindy. Mindy: Mascara makes all the difference. She fell in love with 58 year old Larry. Larry: Already done my makeup. So Mindy: Larry and I complete each other; we just are perfect for each other. They receive judgment for being in an age gap relationship. Larry: I’m a pedophile….

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Extreme Mammals at AMNH – Sugar Gliders

My name is Hazel Davis, and I’m the manager of living exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History. We’ve had animals featured in our water exhibit, our Darwin exhibit and now we have sugar gliders featured in our Extreme Mammals Exhibit. They’re in the nest box, but I’m going to wake them up. We…

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Extreme Baking Championship – SNL

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Cooking Demo: Pork Chop Dish | Season 2 Ep. 1 | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK

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Isigny Sainte-Mère, a passion for cheese, butter, and cream!

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Harry Styles: Watermelon Sugar (Live) – SNL

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