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Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 – 3 | CR Cartoon Review

Oh My God. You have no idea how happy I am to do is review. Now some people thought I bashed season 4 through 9 of Spongebob.. Too Hard… Even though I didn’t because I gave it a Bronze Seal in my review but the fact that I bashed in the first place is because…

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Make It Pop | ‘Friday Night’ Official Music Video #2 | Nick

SUN HI: ♪ I can’t wait for the weekend ♪ JODI: ♪ Hanging out with my girlfriends ♪ CORKI: ♪ Doing things that we wanna do, yeah. ♪ SUN HI: ♪ Make-up on pick the right dress ♪ JODI: ♪ Do our hair like supermodels ♪ CORKI: ♪ Have some fun and just forget ’bout…

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6 Nostalgic Nickelodeon Theme Songs from the 00s and 10s 🎶 NickRewind

In five, four, three, two… ♪ I know you see ♪ ♪ Somehow the world will change for me And be so wonderful ♪ ♪ Live life, breathe air ♪ ♪ I know somehow we’re gonna get there And feel so wonderful ♪ ♪ And it’s all real I’m telling you just how I feel…

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Henry Danger | Meniru Henry | Nickelodeon Bahasa

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Top 5 SpongeBob Christmas Songs 🎄

♪ Oh, it’s drawing very near ♪ ♪ My favorite time of year ♪ ♪ The snow is falling And the cold wind blows ♪ ♪ Christmas is almost here ♪ ♪ And I know that Santa, Santa, Santa has his jolly little eyes on me ♪ ♪ It keeps me warm and filled with…

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Jayden Bartels & Annie LeBlanc Make a Cartoon! ✍️ Expert Attempters: Ep. 4 | Nick

– But like what about a shoe? Shoe sandwich. – Marshmallow sandwich? – Rollercoaster sandwich. – A water sandwich. – Water slide sandwich. We should really open a sandwich shop. – Hello? – Hey, is this Annie and Jayden? – Yeah. – That’s us. – And this is Nate over at Nickelodeon. We’re really excited…

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Top 6 Worst Kids Cartoons

Dora! Let’s get her, Boo! It’s time to rummage through the absolute worst animated trash our young friends have ever had to sit through. Generally aimed at the under 6, these cartoons are overly-pandering, sickly-sweet, or vapid enough to drive the kids and the parents to madness. So let’s check out the top 6 worst…

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Hamster Hideaway: A Surprise Movie Challenge w/ All That! 🎬 Goldfish Movie Maker App | Nick

The surprise movie challenge with stars of All That, sponsored by the Goldfish Moviemaker app. – I’m Gabby. – Ryan here. Chinguun comin’ at ya. We’re going to use the Goldfish Moviemaker app to make a three part movie for the surprise movie challenge. – I’m going to make the beginning. – I’m working on…

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Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Shows

(Evil laugh…) It’s time to rummage through the dumpster, that is modern Nickelodeon. (SQUIDWARD) I am way out of my comfort zone. And unfortunately, there was a ton of garbage to sort through this time. Nick has effectively been beaten to the ground by Cartoon Network in the past decade. (RIP Nick) But it didn’t…

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Top 10 Worst Modern Cartoons

Alright, here we go! (Boo laughs) It’s time to look bag at the biggest animations *disasters* in recent memory — Even though we generally have so much innovation and variety today in our Western cartoons. Among that awe-inspiring animation is some of the most… Unpleasant… Vile, ugly, demented, annoying cartoons we’ve *ever* seen in cartoon…

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