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Reviewing Monthly Food Subscriptions

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The Differences Between Nigerian SOUP and Nigerian STEW/SAUCE | Flo Chinyere

hello everyone it’s time to clear up some confusion on this channel roll it that looks like stew, that is not soup. soup is liquid not semi liquid. You call that soup that’s you in Ghana we eat rice, plantains, kenkey and garri but not fufu. What’s the difference between Nigerian vegetable soup and vegetable…

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OFE AKWU: The Nigerian STEW that Tastes Better than Tomato Stew | Flo Chinyere

If you try this stew eh! You will never want to eat tomato stew ever again. It smells nice, the taste is on another level and your tastebuds will be wondering what it just tasted in the first few seconds. It’s indeed a fusion of flavours. I’m sure those of you who know this stew…

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CowFoot Porridge/Peppersoup | Flo Chinyere

Hey guys! You can call this pepper soup or porridge depending on how watery or thick the liquid is. Here are the ingredients you will need. First, put the cut and rinsed cowfoot in a pot. I use a pressure pot because it cooks this tough meat super-fast. If you want to cook the porridge…

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How to cook Nigerian Beans Porridge & Yam with a Pressure Cooker | Flo Chinyere

Hey guys in this video, I will show how I cook beans with another staple food in a pressure pot. I usually soak the beans overnight or for at least 3 hours. This greatly reduces beans bloating. The next morning, I rinse the beans in cool water. Put it in the pressure pot and pour…

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200th Video ❤ ❤ ❤ | Flo Chinyere

Hey guys! hahaha So today is Thursday and as usual I came to upload a recipe video for you guys and I looked up and I saw that that would have been the 200th video on All Nigerian Recipes channel. And I was like wait wait wait … hold up hold up hold up ……

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Cabbage Fufu | Low Carb, Keto-Friendly, Gluten-free Fufu | Flo Chinyere

Hey guys, the next in line in this low carb fufu meals series is Cabbage Fufu. This is tailored to those on a low carb diet but remember anyone who wants to reduce his or her carbohydrates intake can enjoy it. I’m not on any special diet but I can eat these low carb fufu…

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How to make Crayfish | Flo Chinyere

Hello, in this video, I’ll share how to make crayfish in your own kitchen. If you are outside Nigeria and you can’t buy crayfish where you live, this is for you! This process also works for dry prawns and dry shrimps. Crayfish is a seasoning we often add to Nigerian cooking. Is crayfish a shrimp…

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How Ponmo (Kpomo) is derived from Cow Skin | Flo Chinyere

Hey! In this video you’ll see how to prepare cow skin for use in Nigerian cooking. You see all that hair; they will be burnt off during the making of the ponmo. This one is special high end ponmo because it contains some fleshy part, the red part of beef unlike the tasteless ponmo that…

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All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook (on Amazon and Konga.com)

Hey guys my cookbook is out! Yes! Finally! This video is to show you the book so that you know what you’re getting before you buy. The book has 288 pages. It contains over 100 Nigerian recipes that I have personally cooked. It’s filled with all the tips and tricks that I apply to Nigerian…

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