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Why a Raw Soup is a Better than a Salad & How to Create Your Own Raw Soup Recipe

This is John Kohler with OKRAW.com. I have another exciting episode for you. I’m here in Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m outside Pure Health, a health food store that sells mostly supplements. They have a nice raw food section and many of the supplements they sell are different than the ones you find at most…

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Nutrient – Spotlight’s Word of the Day

Hi, I’m Liz Waid bringing you Spotlight’s Word of the Day. Today’s word is nutrient. This word comes from the program, “Stunting in Afghanistan”. The word nutrient is a noun. It means: a chemical or food that plants, animals, and people need to live and grow. Here’s nutrient in a sentence from this program: “She…

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The reason behind our food’s nutrient collapse

Who hasn’t dreamed of diving face-first into a giant cake or going nuts on a stack of pizzas? That’s basically what the world’s bees are doing — and it could be leading to their sudden, massive disappearance. A scientist named Irakli Loladze has been trying to sound the alarm since the late 1990s, when he…

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The TRUTH About Nutrient Timing for Athletic Performance

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Land Applying Greenhouse Water | Déversement sur les terres d’eaux d’alimentation provenant de serre

Hi, I’m Deanna Nemeth, Nutrient Management Program Lead in Horticulture crops, with the Ontario government. In this video we will discuss what to consider before land application. Greenhouse nutrient feedwater is post production water that has nutrients but is no longer being reused within the greenhouse. This may be due to plant performance being compromised…

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You Can Prevent Nutrient Pollution

Narrator: Nutrient pollution is a significant threat to America’s waterways and coastlines. It’s caused when too much nitrogen and phosphorus enter the environment because of human activities. Coupled with climate change and rising temperatures algae in the water grows faster than ecosystems can handle. Some of these algal blooms are harmful because they produce toxins…

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Nutrient Lockout – Lesson 24

You’re mixing a nutrient solution and you add your pH adjuster and you notice a milky-white swirl appear in your reservoir. What’s going on? Sometimes when we pour a concentrated pH adjuster into our nutrient solution, as it goes into the water and is moving around in its concentrated form, it actually starts to bind…

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Part 1: Managing Manure Nutrients for Crop Growth

A field by field manure nutrient management program requires multiple components to maintain adequate fertility for crop growth and development while minimizing soil and water quality impacts. A well designed soil sampling plan including proper soil test interpretation along with manure sampling, manure nutrient analysis, equipment calibration, appropriate application rates, timing, and application methods are…

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CocoTek 2 Part Nutrient by General Hydroponics

All right, this is Chris with General Hydroponics. We are here to talk about CocoTek A+B today. This is our new two-part nutrient. It�s got extra-buffered calcium for growing in coco and soil mediums. It is also very ideal for hydroponics as well. The simple two part is used in equal amounts and it just…

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hey guys today I want to talk about the importance to me why I had to make a sound decision on juicing still after I had finished my hundred and forty juice cleanse and the reason that I made that decision was on the fact that I noticed that when I was on 140 a…

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