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Portion control for weight loss | Controlling portion sizes – peanut butter

Hi, thanks for watching Neily on Nutrition. I wanted to do this video because I just wrote a blog about portions of foods that we might eat a little bit too much of for example peanut butter and I wanted to show an example of what one tablespoon of peanut butter look like versus two….

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Does Sugar Lead to Weight Gain?

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The Effects of Natural Sugar vs. Refined Sugar in the Body

I want to know if consuming lots of natural sugars in fruit and natural sweetener like honey and maple syrup has the same effect as refined sugar on the body. So, I have to answer this in two parts. Just to be honest, things like maple syrup and honey, they do act very similar to…

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Added Sugars vs. Naturally Occurring Sugars

Choices. We make them every day. Should I wake up or go back to sleep? Should I go to work or call in sick? Should I choose foods with added sugars or naturally occurring sugars? Some of these decisions are harder to make than others, but having the facts can help me your decision easier….

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Athlete’s Cookbook, Episode 3: Michelle “Wiezy” Makes “Turkey Bologneezy” | Nike

– Okay, so I know you play golf, so I wanna test your golf knowledge. – It’s nothin’. Let’s do it. It’s nothin’! – I mean, obviously you know what a birdie is. – A birdie! That’s a mild-mannered snitch. A little birdie told me, right? A birdie snitched, yeah. That birdie’s an eyewitness. I’m…

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Honey Bee and Wasp Sugar Water Preferences Open Feeding What Bees Use First

okay so today is Friday the 13th in October and what we have is an abundance of foraging bees and wasps in the air and the resources are low so competition is high now what a lot of beekeepers do is they open feed and they open feed a variety of different materials the most…

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What’s the Difference Between Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup?

What’s the difference between high fructose corn syrup & sugar? Even though it seems like high fructose corn syrup is in every food and drink wrapped in plastic, you can’t find it for sale on the shelf. Since there is a bit of mystery about this stuff, let’s take a look at how different these…

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Is Skipping Breakfast Better for Weight Loss?

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We Ate Like The Longest Living People For A Week

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Does mixing carbohydrate with fat cause people to get fat because of the Randle cycle?

Steven Smith asks, can you explain how to properly interpret the Randle Cycle. There’s a theory floating around on the internet that mixed diets are more fattening then low-carb or low-fat because of the glucose fatty acid competition. I don’t believe this to be true because in the context of isocaloric diets, neither mixed diet,…

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