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Is Peanut Butter The New Burger Condiment? || Fork Yeah: Harlem Public

– Thank you! (laughs) Hello friends. I’m Lee Kalpakis from Thrillist, and today we are in Harlem, to check out Harlem Public, because they are dousing their cheeseburgers with peanut butter. Let’s go check it out. I almost took him out, I’m sorry. – I decided to put peanut butter on a burger, just from…

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The Home of Chinatown’s Perfect Mochi Donuts || Fork Yeah: Alimama Tea

– I knew that I wanted something Asian-inspired, something traditional, but also a little twist in it. I was actually thinking about anything mochi-wise, mochi family. There’s actually so many types of mochi all over Asia. I remember the first time I had a mochi donut was in Taiwan when I was traveling. And it…

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