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Expensive Butter Chicken Vs Cheap Butter Chicken | Ft. Rohit & Akshay | Ok Tested

*clucking noises* Are we rolling man? Rolling? So, because Rohit loves butter chicken so much He is Rohit Butter-charya Ugh This is what you wanted to say the whole time What do you call Butter Chicken that’s offended Butthurt Chicken! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this special and unique game show which is called Cheap…

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Sugar Free Drinks Vs Regular Drinks: Which Is What?

Bro, I’m legit having goosebumps. You guys are doing it wrong. My tongue deceived me, Kaustubh. I’ll punish it.This is what I have to do nowadays. Sonali does not clink back. My tongue’s telling you something. What? Huhiha ho ha? How are you guys? We’re here because um, what video is this? So today’s challenge…

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BEST EVER Butter Chicken Race | Delhi Street Food | Challenge Accepted #25

Today, our Delhi boys are at Old Delhi to celebrate Eid! After the golgappa challenge, today they’ve got a whole new challenge! Today the challenge is at Delhi 6’s famous Aslam Chicken Will they be able to finish it? Who will win this time? And who will lose? So watch on! And yes, Eid Mubarak!…

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