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BBQ Grilled Trout In Beer Butter | Felicitas Pizarro

Hello you wonderful people, today I am here in a unique place very close to heaven. I am in a shelter called Refugio Berghof, south of Argentina. And I will be preparing a grilled trout stuffed with lemons, onions, lots of herbs and topped with beer flavoured butter. Oh my gosh. Now lets begin, now…

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Australian BBQ Crispy Prawns | Jamie & Tobie

What up FoodTubers, Jamie Oliver here we are cooking in Australia look at the Sydney Opera House nothing better than that we’re doing a lovely simple barbecue of crispy prawns, lovely little croutons smoky bacon and we’re gonna do it with none other than Tobie Puttock Tell us about the dish that we’re going to…

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Friday Night Feast | Beef Wellington, Steak & Chicken Pie | Series 7

Hey guys, so this year we’re at the end of Southend pier again, and the guests are in, we’ve got some fantastic people coming on the show, we’ve been cooking up a storm. Perfect food for the weekend, stuff to impress, stuff to make you really really happy so check out some of these amazing…

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Healthy Pork Escalope with Super Greens | Jamie Oliver | #10HealthyMeals

Waddup Food Tuber’s. Mr Oliver here. I hope you’re all very, very well. We’re going to do a beautiful, delicious, quick,nutritious dish. Gorgeous, char-grilled escalope of pork, amazing marinated new potatoes with super greens. It’s a really gorgeous and healthy dish. I think you’re going to love it. So, lets do it. I’ve got some…

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The Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver

I’m going to show you how to make the perfect steak. This recipe is gonna hold your hand and give you the tips and shortcuts so you can get it right every single time. This here is the griddle pan now in Italy they’ve got an old old method of cooking called Alma Tony, it…

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Tray Baked Crispy Trout | Jamie Oliver & Tobie Puttock

What up footubers! I hope you’re very well from me, Mr Oliver and the one and only Tobie Puttock woo, hey there foodtubers Me and Tobie have cooked together for… since the 90’s brother. Since the nineties, we sound like an old dodgy band We kind of are an old dodgy band. We probably are….

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Baked Almond Tart | Jamie’s Italian UNSEEN

When I turned 30 I toured around Italy in my camper van cooking everywhere I went. I did some amazing things which changed my life forever and I’ll never forget it. Thanks to Food Tube I can now share these things with you guys and I’m really excited So there I was living with the…

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Tray-Baked Chicken with Spiced Indian Potatoes | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys hope you’re well! We’re going to make the most beautiful tray baked chicken with Indian spices and veges. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It feels naughty but it’s really really healthy. It’s 3 of your 5 fruit and veg a day. It’s really affordable and it’s a great dish you can get in 1 tray,…

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Quick Cajun Steak with BBQ Baked Beans | Jamie Oliver

Cajun Steak BBQ beans and amazing coloured greens this great soul food dish it’s delicious baked beans in America are off the hook so I’ll grab two tins of mixed beans these beans in the tins are really good now over here I’ve got a hot pan we just want two tablespoons of olive oil…

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Brilliant Baked Cannelloni | Gennaro Contaldo

Hey I’m here! I’m here! I can see you! Oh my god this is the beautiful cannelloni. Hi lovely people! Today I’m gonna make cannelloni! The most Italian recipe! You can make cannelloni with everything. The traditional one is spinach, ricotta, parmesan, a little nutmeg. This particular one it is with beef and pork. So…

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