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Nadiya’s delicious apple momo recipe! – BBC

Nepal’s national dish, momos. Traditionally, they’re savoury, but this area is known for apples. That’s what I’m filling them with, topped with a saffron caramel sauce. I borrowed this contraption from the guesthouse that Vidya’s family run. This is not bad! It’s all happening very quickly. Vidya’s family also gave me these apples from last…

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Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa Gully Walk

One of the things you can do at Sugar Cane Club is go on a Gully Walk. I’m here with Head Gardner Rodney who is going to take us on that now. Ok Chess lets go. This is one of our Mahogany trees and this is what we make our furniture from, also years gone…

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Do you love MILK TEA? Like, your day is not complete without MILK TEA? Join us to try different brands of MILK TEA to know the BEST MILK TEA here so ka- ANNEWIND, Let’s GO! [music] Hi, welcome to our channel I’m TIN and I’m Anne Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel Click the…

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No Bake Nutella Cheesecake | One Pot Chef

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“Instant” Mac & Cheese – One-Pan, No-Bake Mac & Cheese – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with instant mac and cheese that’s right we’re gonna do a no boil no bake one pan mac and cheese that could be made just as fast as this stuff from the box not to mention it’s gonna taste way better since we’re gonna use real…

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Lemon Cheesecake (No Bake!) | One Pot Chef

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Soups. Cookbook audiobook, #15/26. Short audiobooks full length

part three the things Margaret made for dinner section 14 soups of a little cookbook for a little girl this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public dream for more information or to volunteer please visit librivox.org part3 section 14 soups at first of course margaret could not get dinner all…

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The Big Bang Theory Please Pass the Butter (captioned)

First there was Playstation, AKA PS1 Then there was PS2, PS3 and now PS4. And that makes sense. You’d think after Xbox there would be Xbox 2 but no! Next came Xbox 360 and now, after 360, comes Xbox One. Why “One”? Maybe that’s how many seconds of thought they put into naming it. Can…

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I am so freaking scared right now… SHUT UP! So Ian, can you explain why we have all these food here on the counter? Uhm.. Ever since I found this little toy oven on our doorstep, we’ve just been getting food randomly appearing here in the morning It’s kinda freaking me out. Yeah, so that…

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Annie & Hayley’s Butter Stacking Challenge 😁 + BONUS Mystery Meat Taste Test! | #FunniestFridayEver

[screaming] Eat it. [gasping] [screaming] [gasping] – Hey guys, it’s Annie LeBlanc. – And Hayley LeBlanc. And today we’re gonna be playing a very interesting game called House of Lards. House of Lards? Is it like a house of cards? Are we building something? Yeah, I really don’t know, but whatever it is, bring it…

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