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Bake, heat, save!

So, my energy saving hack is after I bake something in the oven I like to leave the door open. It keeps a nice gentle flow of warm air through the kitchen, instead of putting on the heat pump or using the wood fire. I love baking as well, it’s just nice to give something…

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Microwaved vs. Oven-Baked Snack Taste Test

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Hello everyone it is barry here welcome that was nearly a dance move welcome to my virgin kitchen today we are attempting another mini food and it is the turn of a mini baked Alaska and I am kind of confident about this and very nervous at the same time baked Alaska if you have…

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Bake for Someone – by Electrolux

It’s really delicious. Everyone! Thank you all for coming to the grand opening of my pop-up bakery – Bake for Someone. So, I have a confession to make. I didn’t bake a single item. So let me introduce you to the team who made all of this possible. The true heroes.

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Oven Baked Spanish Omelette – Tortilla al Horno

Hello everyone i´m Albert Bevia with Spain on a Fork in today´s episode we´re going to be making Tortilla al Horno now, this recipe is very similar to the popular Spanish potato omelette except it´s made in the oven and it has a couple more ingredients this appetizer has a great flavor and i´m going…

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Today I am showing you how to make this super easy barbecue chicken bake. You can tweak it anyway you like but it is blooming gorgeous. Hey folks it is Barry here hope you are well welcome to my virgin kitchen. Now just a quick one before we get started with todays recipe for those…

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Baked Macaroni and Cheese – Best with Bacon – Recipes by Warren Nash

Here’s a recipe that really take me back to my childhood and it’s something everyone should know how to make. It’s really simple to do, what is it? It’s macaroni and cheese. Get the ingredients for this recipe in the comments section below the video. To start, pre-heat the oven to 180c. Get a saucepan…

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How to Bake & Shape Your Lacrosse Head

Welcome to week 2 of my MLL vlog. This week has been horrible weather. Question, Paul, why do you like to do this weekly MLL vlog? Answer: There’s two of them. One: I like to keep everyone updated with the New York Lizards and Major League Lacrosse. It’s important and my teammates, and I think…

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People Cook With An Easy Bake Oven

– So, we’re gonna just– (laughing) (upbeat music) – I’m Gia. – I’m Zach. – And we own Beetle House, the restaurant and bar. – And today… – Today we are adults, baking with an Easy Bake Oven. – This is gonna be a… – Real gourmet. – I never had one of these as…

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Baked Creamy Mashed Potato Recipe – Side Dish

One kg (2,2 pound) potatoes, skin-on, washed Make a light cut for easy peeling later Boil until tender Peel the skin, for me is easier while they still warm hot Mash until smooth 3 tbsp butter, melted 1/2 cup crème fraîche Salt, follow your taste A pinch of nutmeg Pepper, follow your taste. Mix until…

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