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Lahore Street Food | Butt Karhai | Desi Murgh and Mutton Butter Karhai | Pakistani Street Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak… …and right now I’m at Liberty Chowk Lahore. Our plan was to go towards Lakshmi Chowk but it strated raining. We cant go there right now so we stopped at this juice stall at the corner. So until the rain stops we’ll have some juice here & enjoy the…

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Street Food in Peshawar – GOLDEN PULAO Mountain + Charsi Tikka Kabab + Pakistani Street Food Tour!

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Ramadan Special | Tandoori Bread Pockets | Make & Freeze Recipe

All Praises to Almighty ALLAH (S.W.T.), the most Merciful, the most Gracious. Peace be unto you. Today’s recipe is Tandoori Bread Pockets which we’ll make & freeze for Ramadan Some I’ll fry now Let’s start making pockets. to make Tandoori Bread Pockets we need: 250 gram Boneless Chicken, cut in small cubes. ½ cup Yogurt,…

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Katlama Recipe – Lahori Katlama Recipe – Pakistani Bread Recipe

Lahori Katlama Recipe Plain Flour 3 Cups Salt 1 tsp Oil 1/4 Cup Water as you Required Chickpea Flour 2 Cups Egg 1 Salt 1 tsp Red Chili Powder 1 tbsp Red Food Color 1/2 tsp Pomegranate seeds 2 tbsp Dry Coriander 2 tbsp Mash Pulse 2 tbsp (Soaked)

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Aloo Paratha Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

[Opening jingle] Hi and welcome to The Bread Kitchen. Today I’m gonna make an Indian flat bread that’s stuffed with potatoes, onions, chillies and lots of spices. It’s called an Aloo Paratha. I’ll start by making the dough. So, I’ve got 250 g of flour. You can use plain flour. I’m using Chapatti flour. 1…

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Bread Kachori Recipe by MJ’s Kitchen | Ramadan Recipes

In the name of ALLAH, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Greetings to all. Today’s recipe is Potato Bread Kachori A Very easy & delicious recipe. Some of them I’ll fry & some we’ll freeze to use later. Can freeze for a month, let’s start. For Potato Bread Kachori, we need 1 Kg Boiled Potatoes…

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DRAGON’S BEARD CANDY Hand-pulled Cotton Candy Recipe – FAILS Included!

Greetings my beautiful lovelies. Hello its Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’m going to be attempting to make dragon’s beard candy. Now this candy has been requested by so many of you so I am here today to finally attempt it. And if you’re not familiar with this candy, it is a hand-pulled candy where you…

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