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Most AMAZING HAMBURGER BUNS recipe ever | GugaFoods

For today’s cook I am showing you guys my take on how to make the best hamburger buns ever. And to go along with these beautiful buns I am making some pulled pork that will knock your socks off. So let’s do it! These are all the ingredients I’m gonna be using to make these…

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APROVECHAR EL PAN DURO . Receta de pudin de pan . Bread pudding recipe

Bread pudding recipe A great way to use stale or frozen bread Do not hesitate to try it! YOU WILL LOVE IT! INGREDIENTS 4 eggs 150gr stale/frozen bread 500ml semi-skimmed milk 200g sugar (100 for the pudding + 100 for the caramel) lemon zest STEP BY STEP

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PÃO HOLANDÊS MEDIEVAL | Dutch Oven Bread (en sub) | TVegano #47

Hello guys, welcome do tvegano again. today… one more time we have a special recipe, but this is more than special What´s that baby? dutch oven bread! with a special guest Unicorn!! Is your name Unicorn? lets go to the ingredients lets go 1 tbps of salt, 4 cups o wheat flour, 2 cups of…

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