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In a pan, heat 1 Litre of full cream milk until it comes to a boil. Now let it simmer for 10 minutes at low flame. Cover with a lid. Let it cool at room temperature and keep it in the fridge overnight. This cream has been collected over 2 days. Remove the upper layer…

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Sweet Paratha Recipe – Sugar Paratha Recipe

Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika.com Meetha Paratha is very delicious and mostly liked by children. I used to love Meetha Paratha a lot during my childhood days. And those who prefer sweet eatables will love Meetha Paratha very much. Ingredients required : Wheat flour – 1 cup Ghee – 2 to 3 tbsp Salt – less…

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Butter Tawa Naan in Hindi- English Subtitles

Welcome to My Kitchen My Dish Today, we are going to make Butter Naan We will make this on Tawa (flat pan) For this we have taken 500 gms(2 cups) of all purpose Flour (maida) add 1 tbspoon of baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tbspoon sugar mix all ingredients well…

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Aloo Paratha | Aloo Paratha Recipe |#12 | mini foodkey

Water Mini Foodkey Potato Boil for 7 minutes Wheat Flour Water Mix well Salt Oil Knead Well Oil Rest for 20 minutes Mash Well Salt Coriander Powder Garam Masala Chilli Powder Aamchur Ginger Coriander Leaves Chilli Mix Well Dust – Wheat Flour Roll Aloo Stuffing Start Pleating Flatten Slightly Roll Gently Ghee Flip it Ghee…

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Makki ki Roti Paratha (Punjabi Corn Bread) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making Makki ki Roti. This is a gluten free flat bread, a popular Punjabi bread made with corn flour and served with Sarson ka Saag. This recipe will make 6 rotis and will serve 3. To make makki ki roti, we will need: 2 cups makki ka atta (corn flour) 1…

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SOFT & TASTY Dhalpuri Roti (dhalpuri) – Step by Step Instructions – VEGAN –

Dal Puri (aka dhalpuri, dhalpourie)-a roti lovingly a nd expertly filled with ground and well seasoned split peas, served with delightful curries and stews. It appears to require a lot of work, but if you prepare the filling in advance, it’s not more difficult than Paratha. Today I’m here to dispel any doubts about your…

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Roti Canai Recipe | Malaysian Flat Bread | iCookAsia

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Dal Paratha – Stuffed Indian Bread Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making dal paratha also known as bikaneri paratha. This is best described as Indian stuffed flatbread. These parathas are Rajasthani delicacy. This delicious bread is filled with cooked chana dal with spices. However unlike other stuffed parathas these are rolled super thin. This recipe will makes 8 parathas. For making parathas…

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Aloo Parathas – Potato stuffed Indian Bread Recipe by Manjula,

Today we are going to make Aloo Paratha. This is a very popular dish in north india. This is a flat bread stuffed with the potatoes. So the recipe I am going to give you today this will make six parathas. So for the dough we need: 1 cup of whole wheat white flour 1/2…

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Sweet Paratha (Grilled Flatbread) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making sweet paratha. This is a whole wheat flat bread filled with nuts, sugar and cinnamon. This enjoyable paratha is a great option for breakfast or serve anytime as a snack with tea or coffee. This recipe will make 4 parathas. To make the paratha, first to make dough we will…

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