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While johnny was sneakily eating his sugar away inside his little cupboard. Johnny heard something calling him, “Johnny” said the faint low voice in the distance. Johnny began to tremble in fear as the voice and singing grew louder and louder. Suddenly the cupboard door slowly creaked open. Revealing Johnny’s Papa. Papa had a crazed…

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Ana Gasteyer: Sugar and Booze

-Back to perform “Sugar and Booze,” give it up for Ana Gasteyer, everyone. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -♪ Bells are ringing and a-jingling ♪ ♪ Folks are mixing and a-mingling ♪ ♪ Twinkling lights and tinsel on the tree ♪ ♪ How I love to keep the yuletide gay ♪ ♪ Call me…

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Cookie Run – Sugar Rush

*Too Much Sugar* *cool kids* [Surprise prank] [the process of how Great Jelly Chests obtain cookies] [Baby Dino Dancing Ritual] Sweet Rice Seels Huh!? Hello! Hooray! It’s Santa! Merry Christma- [Just wanted a Free Surpreme Key] Whoa Whoa Whoa! I’m just a man! Missing you! Please Understand! Without you… I’m dying! 🙂 *annoying fly Whoa!…

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Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten Bakes a Black Sea Bass Pastry

-Welcome back to “Late Night.” We’re here with Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten! [ Cheers and applause ] The owner of two Michelin Star restaurants, Jean-Georges’ memoir “JGV: A Life in 12 Recipes” is out now. Thank you so much for being here! -Thank you very much. -And let’s start. Should we start with a drink? -Let’s…

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The Katering Show – WE QUIT SUGAR

I’m Kate McCartney. I’m Kate McLennan. We’re unstable. Welcome to The Katering Show. Fuck, this is heavy. This show is all about me and how I can cook delicious recipes that won’t make McCartney (BLEEP) her pants. But food isn’t just about not (BLEEP) your pants. It’s also about happiness. It’s about health. It’s about…

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Spoonful of Butter (A Mary Poppins parody)

With every squat that must be done There is an element of YUM You find the yum and It’s not such a pain A parent mopping up a mess Has very little time to rest While wondering how yogurt got in there! There’s no reason to complain A cup of joe will keep him sane…

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Dance of the Sugar Plum Clefairy (A Pokémon Christmas Song)

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Annoying Orange – Bake It All! (“Shake It Off” Parody)

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Working Class Foodies Cookbook Infomercial Trailer

[Rebecca:] Do you find cooking difficult? [sound effect: BAM!] [Rebecca:] Does the farmer’s market confuse you? What am I supposed to do with all this kale?! [sound effect: BAM!] [Rebecca:] Are you paying too much for food? $40 for a pizza?! [sound effect: BAM!] [Rebecca:] Then you need “The Working Class Foodies Cookbook” [sound effect:…

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What Is Truffle Butter?

(smooth piano music) – Have you ever heard the term truffle butter? (man gasps) – That’s like a thing you, like truffle oil? Like the stuff you put on popcorn at a fancy winery? – Well, you might not wanna put it on popcorn at a fancy winery. Um… – [Man] But truffles are mushrooms….

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