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Portion control for weight loss | Controlling portion sizes – peanut butter

Hi, thanks for watching Neily on Nutrition. I wanted to do this video because I just wrote a blog about portions of foods that we might eat a little bit too much of for example peanut butter and I wanted to show an example of what one tablespoon of peanut butter look like versus two….

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Peanut Butter Cream Pie – Low Carb Keto Dessert Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today I present my Peanut Butter Pie recipe . This light and creamy recipe is perfect for any dessert or when you just want to satisfy a sweet peanut butter craving. Let’s get started. We’ll make our crust by adding some almond flour to a food processor; add a sugar…

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies Recipe

Hi guys, I’m Caroline. And I’m Alejandra. And today we’re making Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies. Now I love a good brownie, and what could be better than adding peanut butter to the best brownie ever. So it’s really really simple, it just has a couple of ingredients. We have our light brown sugar, some melted…

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The death of Peanut Butter Jelly Time

(Starts singing “Peanut Butter Jelly time”) Can you please shut up? (Banana continues singing) Because I will eat this Banana, and then I’m gonna eat you. (Continues singing) It’s up to you. Mmm, lovely banana, I wonder what a big one will taste like. (Song stops) (Song starts again) Get outta here! (Song starts again)…

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Reese’s No Bake Dessert | How to Make No Bake Reese’s Dessert

Hey everyone it’s james from FunFoods and today I will show you how to make this ultimate reeses dessert this is fun it’s delicious and you can customize it any way you like so keep watching our show you step-by-step how to make this now the first thing I’m gonna do is start off with…

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Pokemon Rusty: Bidocalypse (Part 1)

(Opening Tune) (Singing) I wanna be the very best slave that ever was. Bawm bawm bawm bawm. To smash rocks is my real quest, Cause I don’t have a choice. Ow! Augh! (Screaming) (Clapping) Yes! Only three more lashes and I’ll evolve into “Super Slave” (Rock Smash SFX) *le gasp* Pssh, Rasty come quark! Battle-Bart,…

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Baby Monkey oLLie tries Peanut 🥜 Butter with a Spoon? #MonkeyBooCrew

(Music) hi guys oLLie and Luke here today we are going to see if ollie likes peanut butter this is delicious Grab it what you thinking? is it good? he’s like I’m confused by the shiny and it’s peanut buttery taste. Is it delicious? Now its on my shirt oh monkey with a spoon! monkey…

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Pokemon Rusty: The Elite Four

Excuse me. Hi! Rusty here to challenge the Elite Four. I do not have an appointment. You know you need to collect all the badges first, right kid? I sure do! Peanut Butter, come here boy. Behold, all the badges in Kanto. From any Trainers who held them. Y-You only needed e-eight… Why are they…

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Is ‘Natural’ Peanut Butter Actually Better?

Dear Dr. J, I’ve been debating with a colleague of mine about the health benefits and detriments of natural peanut butter against the kinds with all the added hydrogenate vegetable oil. Please help, it’s important. Sincerely, Ian from Vancouver. The Canadian one. If you buy any of the major brands today— Skippy, Jif, Smuckers, you…

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How to make vegan Peanut Butter Cups! Stump Kitchen 4

[siren wailing] Hello! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! There’s a siren! They’re coming for me! [laughter] [music] STUMP KITCHEN STUMP KITCHEN GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN EATS AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Hello! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! I’m so excited because today my friend Allyson Reigh, also singer-songwriter, is here to cook with us. What are we gonna make today? [Allyson]…

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