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How to Use TOFU | 3 Easy & Unique Recipe Ideas!

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Vegan White Bean Stew with Fennel & Harissa | The Wicked Kitchen | S3 • E2

All right, welcome back to the Wicked Kitchen you guys. Today we’re going to make this amazing white bean and fennel ragu with some fresh harissa, serve it with some Sourdough bread. It is such a nice comforting meal. Excellent with that kick of spice from the harissa and I hope you enjoy it. [upbeat…

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I Tried To Make A Vegan Runny Egg Yolk Out Of Tomatoes

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Dr Greger Reveals Surprising Fact About Beyond Meat & Impossible Burgers!

The Beyond Meat burger is the world’s first plant-based burger that is said to look, cook, and satisfy like beef. Its main ingredients are pea protein isolate, canola and coconut oil and one 113-gram Beyond Meat patty has 250 calories, 18 grams of fat, 390 milligrams of sodium and 20 grams of protein. The impossible…

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Vegan Seafood Pasta | The Wicked Kitchen | S3 • E1

All right welcome back to The Wicked Kitchen guys. Today we are making a seafood linguine featuring Good Catch fish-free tuna, also some king oyster scallops. The aromas, the smells in this kitchen right now are absolutely amazing. You don’t wanna miss this, stay tuned you guys. All right, so we’re gonna cook this dry…

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Should We Stop Taking Vitamin B12 Supplements? Dr Greger

Jeff Nelson and vegsource have recently released another fantastic video in which Jeff discusses the potential dangers of having high B12 blood levels. I highly recommend watching the video in full, linked below. And it’s on the basis of that information shared in the video that I have changed my own Vitamin B12 supplement schedule….

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How to kick the Sugar Addiction

Are you addicted to sugar you’re not the only one question is? How do you break free? If there’s one thing in nutrition everybody agrees with its we eat too much sugar refined carbohydrates They’re everywhere white table sugar, obviously But also added sugar in every processed product at the store from cookies to tomato…

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12 WAYS TO OVERCOME SUGAR CRAVINGS | Break Your Sugar Addiction

Do you often find yourself desperate for a sweet treat? Are you looking to overcome a sugar addiction? In this video, we’re going to explore 12 tips that can help you break your sugar addiction. Sugar cravings and addictions are common, as sugar is an addictive substance. Overconsumption of sugar can prevent weight loss, increase…

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Hotbox Cabbage & Pulled Mushrooms | The Wicked Kitchen | S2 • E13

Hey guys, welcome to “The Wicked Kitchen.” Today I’m gonna show you how to make that hotbox cabbage that I’ve been showin’ off on Instagram, and then also some amazing pulled, sticky mushrooms. You’re gonna love this. [upbeat music] So let’s get started. We need a couple of these cone cabbages, which they sell everywhere…

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4 Plant-Based Meals for Kid’s LUNCHBOXES! | Bunches of Lunches

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