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Naissances dans mon poulailler 4/10. Soins/Alimentation.

The last 10 babies are now 2 days old. The two whites have seven days. The two whites are Sussex. The other ten Australorp. The current henhouse is a little narrow to accommodate all these people. So we had to improvise. For their safety, I installed them in this mortar tank, just under the nest…

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Robert Commis d’Office – Le Monde à L’Envers

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Abreuvoir poules (Poussins) simple à réaliser 1/3. Bouteilles de 1 litre 1/2.

It is hot. Chickens need a lot of water. For them but also to make their eggs. This water trough is really easy to make. Hygienic and very practical. Young chickens use it very quickly. To make this set you need. Take a good look here! This little hole to let in the air. Isn’t…

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