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Super Sugar Crisp

[MUSIC] Sugar Bear here with big vitamin news. Sugar Crips has now added so many vitamins Post changed the name to Super Sugar Crisp. And a handsome one on the box. These Super Sugar Crisp gives your kids essential vitamins. All they need for breakfast. Bowl of them, sweetheart! [MUSIC] Look at those kids bouncing,…

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Bake, heat, save!

So, my energy saving hack is after I bake something in the oven I like to leave the door open. It keeps a nice gentle flow of warm air through the kitchen, instead of putting on the heat pump or using the wood fire. I love baking as well, it’s just nice to give something…

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Healthy No Bake Recipe – Energy Bites | ANN LE

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Rectifier Troubleshooting.-SMPS- Dépannage d’alimentation à découpage

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Augmenter l’autonomie de la batterie avec les paramètres d’alimentation (Android 4.2/Jelly Bean)

this video shows how to extend the battery life of your tablet by adjusting power settings note screens may appear differently on some devices tablet power usage varies depending on the applications running in the background network reception screen brightness and other factors several of these factors can be managed from the quick settings menu…

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