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Top 10 Worst Modern Cartoons

Alright, here we go! (Boo laughs) It’s time to look bag at the biggest animations *disasters* in recent memory — Even though we generally have so much innovation and variety today in our Western cartoons. Among that awe-inspiring animation is some of the most… Unpleasant… Vile, ugly, demented, annoying cartoons we’ve *ever* seen in cartoon…

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Top 6 Worst Cancelled Cartoons

How ya feeling Boo? (Boo laughs) It’s time to check out some cartoons so *monumentally* awful… That networks hastily stepped in to cancel these horrors before they could do any further damage! So let’s check out the “Top 6 *Worst* Cancelled Cartoons!” Just a note that I tried to focus *mainly* on the cartoons I…

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