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Proteins: the “Primary” Nutrient

Proteins were named one and a half centuries ago after the late greek world “πρωτεῖος” (Proteios), which means, ‘of primary importance’. The name is well-deserved because proteins are capable of accomplishing truly amazing things in our body. No wonder that for many people, proteins are the “king” of nutrients. But this idea of primacy has…

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Is Our Food Becoming Less Nutritious?

Is our food becoming less nutritious? Many people claim that the nutrient content in our food has been decreasing over the decades. But is this really true, and should we be worried? A study published in 2004 looked at 43 different common garden crops, and how their nutritional value had changed between 1950 and 1999….

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Protein brownies | Bulk Nutrients

Hey guys Ben and Sam from Bulk Nutrients. Today we’re going to talk about an exciting new product we’re releasing – Protein Brownies. I’ve been working on this for some time. Sam what do you know about it? Awesome, so some of the main ingredients are oats, almond meal, pea protein and whey protein. For…

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What Does Nutrition Mean? | Nutrients in a Nutshell Episode 1

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Lose 10kg in a month? | Bulk Nutrients

Myth busting time again Ben! Another New Year’s resolution, what is it this time? Very common question this one, basically I’m wanting to lose weight 10 kilos a month, is that achievable? I’d say for the average person Ben, probably a more realistic and safer goal is ging to be 2 to 3 kilos a…

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Nutrients, Choose My Plate, and Serving Sizes

Food is the fuel that gives you energy and keeps your body running well. For this reason, it is important to choose foods that will best support a healthy body with lots of nutrients. There are five basic food groups that should be included in your daily diet. They include grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and…

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Mug cake | Bulk Nutrients

Hi guys Ben and Sam from Bulk Nutrients introducing today our newest flavor in Mud Cake. Ben what can you tell us about the Mud Cake and the flavor? Look, another product we did quite a few trial with, lots of tests over a period of months. This flavor is great… Lemon Cheesecake Mud Cake,…

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How the food you eat affects your brain – Mia Nacamulli

Your Brain on Food If you sucked all of the moisture out of your brain and broke it down to its constituent nutritional content, what would it look like? Most of the weight of your dehydrated brain would come from fats, also known as lipids. In the remaining brain matter, you would find proteins and…

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Nicole’s Fitness Journey | Bulk Nutrients

Hey guys it’s Brodie from Bulk Nutrients with one of our ambassadors Nicole Frain. So, Nicole you’ve been through quite a transition in your sports in the last couple of years, you’ve gone from bodybuilding to triathlons to cycling. So why the big change? I first made the changes from bodybuilding to triathlons and that…

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Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread | Healthy Recipes

[music] Hi, I’m Jamie Eason and today I’m in the BODYBUILDING.COM kitchen, excited to show you how I make my cinnamon swirl protein bread. It’s one of my favorite things to eat. I can eat it at as a snack or even as a meal, because it’s got your healthy carb, and your healthy protein….

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