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حلى الاوريو بالكريمه والنوتيلا

alsalam ealaykum Welcome to a new video Today’s video dessert oreo with cream and nutella Please subscribe like and share the video let’s start 5 bag of Oreo biscuit We grind them We add 50 g of melted butter We mix them together We put Oreo biscuits in cups The second layer A cup of…

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길거리 토스트 만들기- Korean Street Food Toast

Hi, I’m Juni Today, I will cook Korean street food toast First, chop carrot by shaft Shred cabbages thinly as well Put the shredded carrots and cabbages in a bowl. Then put 2 eggs Mix the ingredients well If you’ve mixed it this well Add a little bit of salt and half a spoon of…

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Lettering Cake 3 – 양준일 헌정케이크, 네추럴아이싱과 실루엣 그리기 ( Natural icing and drawing silhouette )

Chocolate Genoise 2ea Butter Cream 760g± Remove the paper from Genoise Cut the underside into thin slices Slice the sheet into 1.5cm high use slice bar Apply a little cream to fix the sheet It’s syrup that is lightly boiled and cooled by mixing 1 sugar and 2 water Sheets→syrups→creams→sheets→syrups→creams→… Put them in order Need…

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Good morning everyone, today I prepare meatballs of baked cauliflower I need 1 kg of cauliflower previously blanched for 10 minutes in salted water 5 eggs 500 grams of breadcrumbs 200 grms of grated cheese oil enough parsley, salt 50 grams of dried tomatoes start the preparation and crush the cauliflower after crushing it I…

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Brilliant Baked Cannelloni | Gennaro Contaldo

Hey I’m here! I’m here! I can see you! Oh my god this is the beautiful cannelloni. Hi lovely people! Today I’m gonna make cannelloni! The most Italian recipe! You can make cannelloni with everything. The traditional one is spinach, ricotta, parmesan, a little nutmeg. This particular one it is with beef and pork. So…

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G BUTTER – a protein nut butter that COOKS into a brownie!

STEP1: Put desired amount in a microwave-safe container STEP 2: Put in microwave for 30-40 seconds

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[간단야식] 요리 입문자를 위한 버터 레몬 파스타! Butter Lemon Noodle for beginners

Uni! (Cat’s name) Why are you sitting like an old man? Hi everyone This is Charming ♪ LOL so cute Hi guys, this is Charming It’s 11:30 P.M -ish? Today I turned on my camera to film a simple late-night snack video that I haven’t done in a while. I got my hair permed! I’ve…

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คุกกี้เนยสด สูตรเครื่องแน่น Butter Cookies 🍪

Hi everyone, welcome to TaDum Channel Today we have Special Butter cookies because we add chocolate chip, almond and resin It is very easy and there are not many ingredients. These are all ingredients, butter, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla and toppings (chocolate chip, almond and resin) Use butter at room temperature. We use 200 grams…

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How To Make A Traditional Christmas Pudding

With just a few days to go till Christmas we’re very busy here in the kitchen. I’ve mostly been making the Christmas Puddings and the Christmas mince pies. So far I’ve put in the flour and the breadcrumbs, the suet and the apples. Now I need to put in the dried fruit. And then we’ll…

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허니버터갈릭간장 윙(honey butter garlic soysause chickenwing)

Honey garlic butter soysause chickenwing Hi everyone, I’m doni. Today.i will cook for the chickenwing. When you choose a chicken, it’s best to choose the non gmo. Details will be written in the description Put the chicken wings in a bowl Chicken wings have collagen, which is good for skin care. Please wash the chicken…

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