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Bread Rolls with Chicken and Cheese | Indian Cooking Recipes | ramadan recipe | Cook with Anisa

Hi guys, hope you’re well. Thanks for joining me [in] my kitchen. [it’s] Sunday So you know what time it is? And I’ve got another delicious recipe for you to try if you new hit subscribe to stay up to date new [recipes] every week today We’re making chicken bread rolls these are so delicious…

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Half Moon Recipe | Ramadan Recipes | Indian Cooking Recipes | Cook with Anisa

Hi guys [her] [pure] [mouth] and thanks for joining me my kitchen So today we will be making the most highly requested video in a long long time some people call a moon other call half moons, whatever [all] I know is it’s a crispy fried snack, so is creamy [salted] chicken You guys look…

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ബ്രെഡും പുഴുങ്ങിയ മുട്ടയും ചേർത്തു മൊരിഞ്ഞ എരിവുള്ള ബ്രെഡ് ടോസ്റ്||Bread +Boiled Egg MasalaToast

Today, let us do a Ramadan special recipe.. A spicy snack with bread and boiled egg. Bread – 5 slices Boiled eggs – 3 Shallot – 1½ big Half of the shallots are added as ground paste and the rest is finely chopped. You may also use onion in place of shallots. Green chilly –…

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