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Baked Strawberry Chips | Movie Snacks! | Vegan Recipe (giveaway closed)

Hi guys, Delicious vegan snacks are not always easy to find at the movies so I’m sharing some snack ideas for you to sneak in. Or just have at your next living room movie night. These, as you can see, are strawberry chips. Dehydrating strawberries concentrates their flavour, gives them a nice crispy crunch, and…

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Oven Baked Pasta

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. One of the most appetising and popular Italian dishes I can think of is baked pasta. People are usually more familiar with another kind of baked Italian delicacy, which is lasagne. However, by baking pasta you can obtain a completely different yet very impressive result, which I find…

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How to Make Sugar Cane Juice

JOHN KOHLER: Alright this John Kohler with Okraw.com. Today we have another exciting episode and what we’re going to do today is talk about one of my all-time favorite beverages. No, for those of you that are longtime viewers it’s not coconut water, which is one of my top favorite, long-term favorite beverages, but this…

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Oven baked French fries

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. For some reason I’m quite convinced that this is one of those recipes that many people were really looking forward to seeing: oven-baked French fries. It is believed that you need a lot of oil to make good baked potatoes, and those aren’t even fried. As usual we…

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Why Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work For Everyone-Dr Greger

In the last year or so we’ve seen many vegans abandoning a vegan diet because of digestive issues. Many have understandably been asking therefore if a vegan diet is so healthy why do so many run into gut issues?”. Well when you look into many of these ex vegan stories most say they had bad…

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How to Make Nut Butters

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. Even though they’re not low-fat, nut butters are delicious, and we simply couldn’t miss the chance to share with you a recipe for this extremely popular, vegan preparation. We have few tips that will help you obtain the best nut butter you’ve ever prepared. The only ingredient needed…

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Healthy Banana Ice Cream & Nut Butter Made with the SlowStar Juicer

Alright! This is John Kohler with discountjuicers.com got another exciting episode for you and this is one many you guys may have been waiting for. What we’re going to do today is we’re going to use the all-new slowstar juicer I like the slowstar juicer for a few reasons number one it’s currently the lowest…

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Edible Flowers in Plant-Based Cookbook

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Gluten-Free Buns

Hi and welcome to The Vegan Corner. After receiving many of your requests for gluten-free bread, here we are sharing with you a recipe for some super-delicious buns. Gluten-free bread in general has the tendency to be quite dense and anything but appealing; will this be the case for our recipe as well? I seriously…

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Irene’s Raw food recipes – recettes pour une alimentation vivante

[transcription Sabrina] Damien: Hello again, so this morning we made breakfasts Irene: What I’m going to put there is going to make a cream Damien: Wow Irene: Here, I’ll let you Damien: Oh, you’re very kind, I’ll taste it. Irene: Yes, taste. We will spread this preparation there Damien: Cause right fish tastes good, but…

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