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Rajma Dhokla Recipe ENG SUBTITLES | Aapni Rasoi Ep 7 | Gujarati Cookery Show 2018

Hello. Welcome to a show which is known as Aapni Rasoi. You must be wondering what does Aapni Rasoi mean? Aapni Rasoi is your, my and our, that is our cooking. So let us start this episode of Aapni Rasoi. This morning we have with us celebrity chef Varsha Vimadalal. Varsha, how are you today?…

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Rawa Khichu Pattice Recipe ENG SUBTITLES | Aapni Rasoi Ep 5 | Gujarati Cookery Show 2018

Hello! You are welcome to your favorite show… …whose name is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. That means yours, mine and everybody’s cooking… …that means, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. So come let us ask our celebrity chef, Varsha Vimadalal… …as to what we are going to prepare today in today’s episode… …of ‘Aapni Rasoi’. – Varsha, hello! – Hi! So…

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