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LifeRich Publishing Author Aimee Broussard Reveals how her Cross-Country Cookbook Came to Be

“I’m Aimee Broussard, editor of AimeeBroussard.com and author of ‘The Traveling Apron Cookbook.’ I thought, ‘Hmm. Why not circulate an apron across the country, an empty recipe binder, and some blank recipe cards, and see if, one, people would sign up for it, and two, what they eat in other areas of the country?’ I…

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Author Nicole Meyer Talks about Her Self-Published Cookbook “Cups, Sticks and Nibbles”

An Interview with Nicole L. Meyer for LifeRich Publishing. “My book ‘Cups, Sticks and Nibbles’ is an entertaining-based book based on my recipes from my blog ‘Nibbles by Nic.’ And, essentially, it has minimal steps and few ingredients. It’s budget friendly and it just is a take on everyday life, with practicality and easy hosting…

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Writing Cookbooks

“If there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s food. Consider gathering your family recipes into an heirloom cookbook. Maybe surround those recipes with a story of your family. Maybe you’re an expert at something like desserts or holiday dinners, and you want to make a book that focuses on that. Perhaps, you want to…

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