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Haribo 6lb Sugar Free Gummy Bear Challenge

Yo, it’s your boy, Kill’em FTW I always Kill’em for the win And you’re watching me Kill’em FTW Whoo! Right here, I have three kilograms of Haribo which is more than 6.6 pounds It’s like a small child But this isn’t just Haribo gummy bears this is Haribo sugar free gummy bears Difference between normal…

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Shropshire Cookbook Trail Csons

So we’re continuing the Shropshire Cookbook tour today and we are at Csons. This is their recipe in the book and for lunch today we’ve actually already decided. I am going to have the chicken shawarma and Trevor is having the pork belly. [music] so we did go for two starters we’ve got the chorizo…

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Sam Tarrant – Cookery

My name’s Sam Tarrant. I’m studying level 4 Cookery. I think it’s really important to get that real-world experience in a real kitchen working the time constraints. I think I’m getting a very good grounding of knowledge to move into work. Basically, it’s a really great environment for learning it’s a really good facility, really…

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Tracey Clarke: Arrival of the prodigy

Been really really looking forward to this, it’s again through 7 families I’ve been so kindly provided with this prodigy reader which is arriving today, which is just gonna reopen the world magazines and books to me I’ve not been able to raid a couple years, because I can’t the ability to read the print…

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Writing, Publishing & Teaching Children to Write : How to Write a Cookbook

Hi! I’m Laura from Youngwritersworkshops.com. I’m going to talk about how to write a cook book. I think, it’s really important. Especially, if you’re a cook, you might be tempted to include a lot of different kinds of food. But I think, it’s really important if you’re going to write a cook book to narrow…

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Vegan Nutrition and Cookery Masterclass

Today was our new vegan cookery and nutrition masterclass we talked about vegan nutrition and then we cooked a feast Learning all about some really key nutrients you wouldn’t want to be missing out on if you’re vegan Anna and Jess have just been wonderful Brilliant, yeah absolutely fantastic the things that were really important…

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Experience in Asia nurtured independent thinking

Last summer, I took a history seminar with Go Global in Shanghai, Taiping and Hong Kong for about, just over a month. And it was basically just investigating the sort of migration patterns between Canada and China. It is really important that you don’t just learn things from a book, because then someone’s kind of…

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I Am Vanderbilt: Natalee Erb

My favorite part about my job is the students. Fundamentally, within the residential college system, student engagement is a hallmark of our system. What you’re doing in the classroom is so important to your intellectual growth and development, but what you’re doing outside of the classroom is complimenting that, to really formulate holistic human beings….

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How to Make Bread Crumbs – CopyKat.com

This is Stephanie Manley, with CopyKat.com. Today, I’m going to show you how you can make breadcrumbs. Do you ever have a loaf of bread, and it’s gone stale? What do you do with it? Other than throw it away, you can make breadcrumbs, which is great whenever you need a few breadcrumbs. This is…

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Gluten-Free Vegan Bread Recipe Baked in the Sugar Shack at the Sugar Bush

The oven is really hot! A little smokey! It’s experimental! I’m trying! That should work! Oh! It looks nice! It baked for 40 minutes

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