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The Future of Syria Documentary

The uprisings that began on March 15, 2011 in Syria are still in their permanence today. The Arab Spring has claimed millions of lives and the number continues to rise. The protestors want President Bashar-al-Assad, whose family has been holding the presidency since 1971 to step down from the position. The conflict also seems to…

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Que faut il faire pour MAIGRIR ? (Et ne pas faire !?)

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Maigrir avec mon programme minceur no régime ❣ Perdre du poids rapidement ❣ alimentation

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Les 6 aliments qu’il NE FAUT PAS STOCKER AU FRIGO

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Cet aliment que vous consommez chaque jour tue des millions de personnes par an !

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9 Aliments qui renforcent le système immunitaire

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Les BONS ALIMENTS à consommer pendant LA DETOX

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Peut-on se soigner avec l’alimentation ? – Interview du Dr Charles Vitello

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Ne mangez plus ceci le matin ! Vous risquez un AVC, une crise cardiaque ou le diabète

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La vitamine E : bienfaits, aliments, compl”ments alimentaires

Hello everyone I hope you go Well, today I find you for tell you about a very vitamin important for our organization because of its high antioxidant capacity vitamin E the best known is the tocopherol. To start know that vitamin E to protect the wall of our blood cells like our red blood cells…

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