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Sugar Cane Club Spa Barbados

The Spa at Sugar Cane Club is one of the finest in Barbados. It features seven treatment rooms offering anything from massage to manicures. Hydrotherapy is fast becoming the Spa’s most popular treatment, it promises to detox the body leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Once refreshed head out to the relaxation area located in the tropical…

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Domáce maslové croissanty

We welcome all lovers of home cooking and baking on our channel 🙂 Homemade butter croissants 25 grams of yeast + warm milk + sugar 500 grams of flour (plain) 1 TS of salt 80 grams of sugar 20 grams of cow’s milk butter activated yeast at least 10 minutes of manual work + add…

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Metrový nepečený koláč z maslových sušeniek

Greetings to all lovers of home baking and cooking 🙂 Today we have prepared for you: Unbaked butter biscuit cake vanilla pudding: 0.5 liters of milk 3 teaspoons of sugar let the milk boil 40 grams of vanilla pudding powder mix and add to milk 🙂 create a thick pudding that needs to cool down…

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When to Apply Essential Oils: My Peaceful Body Butter Recipe

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Stop Motion Cooking – Make Baked Sweet Potato Pie From The Camera ASMR

Have you ever known this special baked sweet potato dish? With the investment of our talented chef, you will surely be surprised when you see the final result.

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Healing Your Inner Child | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation provides the opportunity to meet and nurture your inner child. It is an ongoing healing process that will help you begin to release negative thought patterns and behaviours. You will begin to replace them with healthier ones that instil peace, love, truth and happiness into your life. During the meditation, notice your…

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[ASMR] Dark & Relaxing Tapping & Scratching [Close Whispers]

*finger flutters* Good evening. My name is Gibi. Welcome to my channel. Tonight is a combination of a few of my favorite things tapping *Taps cork* scratching *scratches cork* a little bit of rambling *taps on cork* and we’re gonna make this a little dim for optimal sleep. So, why don’t we start with this?…

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