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Baked Samosa Recipes Video – Oven Baked Vegetarian Samosas Recipe

Namaskar and Welcome to nishamadhulika.com Steaming hot samosas are always favorite but many people prefer not eating fried samosas. Today we will make baked samosas. Let’ see what all ingredients are required for making baked samosas. Maida – 1 cup Salt – ¼ tsp (as per taste) Sugar – ½ tsp Dry active yeast –…

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Half Moon Recipe | Ramadan Recipes | Indian Cooking Recipes | Cook with Anisa

Hi guys [her] [pure] [mouth] and thanks for joining me my kitchen So today we will be making the most highly requested video in a long long time some people call a moon other call half moons, whatever [all] I know is it’s a crispy fried snack, so is creamy [salted] chicken You guys look…

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