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Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it is Barry here, today I am showing you how to make your very own homemade pesto plus following it up with some chicken and gooey mozzarella for a pesto cheesy chicken bake that you will love that is so easy to make you…

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Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin kitchen today i’m going to show you how to make some caramel choux buns aka profiteroles as requested by svajunas seikus they look amazing right and trust me they taste gorgeous too so much so that they are actually pulling me in right now so i’m…

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Hi there folks welcome to my virgin kitchen today we’re going to be making pasta bake. If you want to write the recipe (ingredients!!!!) write them down hit pause now write them down so we have mixed herbs tuna cheese and yellow peppers and carrots cut up (grated) and pepper and salt (and passata she…

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20 Tasty Food Hacks and Easy DIY Kitchen Crafts to Make Your Day!

What’s wrong, Madison? Ah, it seems for some of us the flu season is the whole year round… And to make matters worse you just ran out of lemon tea! Go figure! Take half a lemon and… ouch! Wow, that was a bad idea the juice went right into your eye… You think the next…

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이렇게 하면 불고기 안 맛있게 만드는 것이 더 어려움:불고기 황금레시피: 그대로 따라해 보세요-Bulgogi -Korean Cooking-Easy Cooking

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Baked Beans – 18th Century Cooking Series at Jas Townsend and Son

Today we’re going to bake beans. Beans were a common fare in the 18th century both for regular folks and part of the soldier’s rations. We’re going to bake beans in the oven today then we’re going to bake beans buried in a pit. It was common practice in New England for the village baker…

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Introducing Easy Healthy Tasty – A cookbook for everyone

hi I’m charity from accessible nutrition and I’m Jen from easy green recipes and we’ve spent the last well you reckon twelve months back yeah about that collaborating putting together a cookbook to help you in the kitchen our cookbook easy healthy tasty was purposefully designed to include people who are new to cooking who…

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You know what Barry there is nothing better than having a good look through a decent cook book. Oooh Hi guys, didn’t see you there it’s Barry here and I have just got a little announcement to make basically I have got a cook book coming out in may this Year it’s available now to…

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Howdy folks it’s Barry here now some of you guys have been asking me to tell you a little bit more about my book it’s called Dinner’s ON! and is out now obviously I can’t show you every single step one by one but here is a little bit more information for you. The hardback…

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Shrimp or Prawn With Garlic and Butter Recipe. Easy Recipe. Louisiana “Pelicans On Parade”

Welcome to my kitchen. My name is Gala. I am going to fry shrimp. We can cook with shells and without. I prefer to cook with shells, because it gives more flavor to shrimp. I use vegetable oil and clarified butter. Clarified butter not burning on high temperature. Try to add salt directly to oil…

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