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Brioche Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

[Opening jingle] Hi and welcome to The Bread Kitchen. Today, we’re gonna have big, messy fun in The Bread Kitchen as I make a very rich French bread called Brioche. To make my Brioche, I’ve got 350 g of strong bread flour. The stronger, the better. 3 lightly beaten eggs, a 175 g of butter….

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Today folks we are making our very own homemade chicken kiev my mind is telling me no, hello folks it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen I am one of your self taught hosts here and today I am overcoming something that I have always wanted to do on the channel I have…

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How to make French Bread, Quick Wheat Soup Bread | सूप ब्रेड बनाने की सरल विधि

SUBSCRIBE to DDC Recipes Like, Share and Comment on my video SUBSCRIBE to DDC Recipes See description down in the discription box. Whole wheat flour -21/2 cup Refined flour(Maida) — 2cup Olive oil — 1teaspoon/any oil 11/2 teaspoon salt. 1 teaspoon honey or sugar.It’s food for the yeast. 1Tablespoon dry active yeast.It’s important for the…

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Brioche Bread

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How to Make Banana Banana Bread | Allrecipes.com

When Allrecipes member, Shelly, submitted this recipe for Banana Bread, she commented, “Why compromise the banana flavor? This banana bread is moist and delicious, with loads of banana flavor! Friends and family love my recipe, and say it’s by far the best! It’s wonderfully toasted, Enjoy!” Let’s start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees….

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Recette salée Croquettes de Pommes de terre et de Sardines recette éco || EN SUB ||

Potatoes 1 can of sardine Salt (to taste) 1 pinch of pepper Garlic and Herbs Grated cheese Put in the freezer for 1h30 …1h30 later … it was the end of the day … sorry for the lighting Flour water

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British Bloomer Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

[Opening jingle] Hi and welcome to The Bread Kitchen. Today I’m gonna make a very simple white loaf which is far better that this rubbish that you get from the supermarket. It uses many of the techniques which are common to bread-making at home. Mixing, kneading, rising, knocking back. It’s called a British Bloomer. For…

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Abreuvoir poules (Poussins) simple à réaliser 1/3. Bouteilles de 1 litre 1/2.

It is hot. Chickens need a lot of water. For them but also to make their eggs. This water trough is really easy to make. Hygienic and very practical. Young chickens use it very quickly. To make this set you need. Take a good look here! This little hole to let in the air. Isn’t…

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Crispy Onion Rings Recipe – How to Make Crispy Onion Rings

Hello this is chef John from foodwishes.com with an unbelievably incredibly great onion ring recipe these are the most incredible onion rings ever you know I’m normally pretty modest and humble that’s one of the things that makes me so awesome but I have to say these are incredible best in the world alright we’re…

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For Pennies Make Pizza Hut Bread Sticks (CopyCat)

every one today is an extremely busy morning because today I’m going to tell my garden I’m really excited because finally spring is here and I’m able to tell my garden because tomorrow I want to plant those potatoes so what are we gonna have to eat today what we’re gonna have is I had…

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