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Salami Making | How to Make Everything: Preservatives

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Are Geniuses Born or Made? A Conversation with Dr. Joy Hirsch | BEST OF 2015

Carl Zimmer: We’re learning ways to perturb the brain and I’m just wondering do you think someday that people will be sort of enhancing kind of “natural” creativity to get people to be more like what we think of as geniuses or is that just not possible? Joy Hirsch: I love the idea of the…

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Girls Inc. Pinellas Mission Video

One in four girls will not finish high school. One in four girls suffer from clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental or emotional disorders. 78% of girls are unhappy with their bodies. But if you believe in me, that changes everything. At Girls Inc., we’re all about empowering girls to grow up healthy and educated…

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