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River Cottage Cookery School Vlog

Hi guys, this week I had a lovely day at River Cottage. On arrival we were led into this yurt which was lovely and cosy and then we were fed delicious canapés. And the kitchen team were already in the kitchen. They were getting ready for lunch because they made us a lovely meal later…

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Traditional Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 115

Hi Bold Bakers! In Ireland, we are extremely fortunate to have access to some of the greatest produce in the world. I was very lucky growing up to have a Mammy who taught me how to cook. She made everything from scratch every single day which was pretty incredible considering she had 5 children. My…

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Irish Soda Bread Recipe, How to Make Irish Soda, Soda Bread Recipe, Recipe for Irish Soda Bread

bjbjz ,tc Jan: I’m going to show you one of the easiest, quickest, most delicious breads that you’ve ever had in your life. This is Irish soda bread. Now true Irish soda bread, when I was doing some research on it, didn’t have the sugar in it, and didn’t have some of the extra ingredients….

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Guinness Soda Bread Recipe – Irish St. Patrick’s Day Recipes by Warren Nash

Hey guys it’s Warren here. Today we’re making Irish soda bread. What’s different about this? It’s made with Guinness. So, let’s get baking. Firstly, get a large mixing bowl. Add 190g of wholemeal flour and 190g of plain white flour. Add 1tsp of bicarbonate of soda and 1tsp of salt. Briefly mix these dry ingredients…

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Gemma makes Irish Soda Bread in IRISH (w/Subtitles) | Bigger Bolder Baking

[Speaking Irish] Hi Bold Bakers! I’m Gemma Stafford and I’m going to speak Irish in this episode. Hi Bold Bakers! My name is Gemma Stafford and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day I’m going to translate this whole recipe in Irish. Yes we have our own language in our country and I’m gonna share it…

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IRISH SODA BREAD – St Patrick Day Recipe Treat

Hi and a huge welcome to Steve’s kitchen and a happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all again, I had a lot of fun making the colcannon the other day, what a fantastic and delicious dish that is, so I thought I’d follow it up with a wonderful Irish soda bread and they are so…

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– Hello, everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are making soda bread. I’ve never made soda bread. I’ve never tried soda bread. So da you think it’s gonna nice? I do too. If you wanna try this recipe, hit pause on the video now. Write…

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