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How To Bake Textures

Hi! In this tutorial we’ll discover how to use the Clarisse baking feature. To bake a beauty for example all you have to do is select a 3d layer – for example this one – and enable the baking. You can turn any 3d layer into a baking 3d layer by just enabling this attribute….

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How to add a cookbook to iShopNCook app via iTunes

I am going to show you in this video how to transfer a cookbook from ShopNCook software to the iShopNCook application through iTunes. First, make sure you have selected the cookbook… Select “export cookbook to XML” in the cookbook menu. Now, if you don’t have “export cookbook to XML” in the cookbook menu, then you…

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Kidtech My First Keyboard from 1994: It’s Peanut Butter-Proof!

Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing! And today’s thing is My First Keyboard. Well, not *my* first keyboard, that was one of these mushy things that came with my Packard Bell 486. No, I mean we’re looking at *the* My First Keyboard, which sold for $99 when Kidtech first starting manufacturing it in 1994….

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Announcing Butter.ai

Over three bazillion man hours are wasted each year to workers trying to find lost documents in the cloud And while my files at work are pretty organized, trying to find the right documents when I need them is still awful Well, it was, until I started using Butter.ai Butter.ai is an app in Slack…

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LGR Oddware – French Bread Wrist Rest

*Buckling spring keys* Greetings, and welcome to LGR Oddware where we’re taking a look at hardware and software and things that are odd, forgotten, obsolete, and today’s is bread. *biff* Bread is not forgotten, obsolete, or even that odd. But this is, because this is not bread. This is a keyboard wrist rest. It just…

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LGR – Keyboard Wrist Rest: Fake Bread vs Real Bread

*Keyboard typing* I can’t stop talking about bread it seems! Greetings, this is an LGR update of sorts to the LGR Oddware episode on the French bread wrist rest, or baguette, or whatever you would care to call it. A lot you commented on the video and said, you know what, if there’s one thing…

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