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Nurturing conflict to improve collaboration – Robyn Denholm, COO, Telstra

How do you make the most of diverse opinions?And is conflict a useful thing in a start-up or in a bigger context?I actually think conflict is great.And I don’t mean yelling and screaming abusive-type conflict.That’s not what I mean.I mean constructive conflict where you actually debate around an ideaor go backwards and forwards in terms…

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Top 10 des Aliments Minceur

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Top 10 des Aliments anti Arthrose

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Panasonic Continues Commitment to Nurture Indonesian Football Athletes and Enthusiasts

Today on the 24th of January, Panasonic sponsored for the first time the ‘Panasonic Cup 2015,’ hosting its football team GAMBA Osaka’s first overseas friendship match against Indonesian team Persija Jakarta. As the first official game since the J-league and Indonesia Super League announced their collaboration, the game emphasized on the fairness of football and…

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