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Ask Jason How Do You Pin Down Floaters

Ben Allen asks, what do you recommend to pin down items that float? And this is a big issue that a lot of people have. Originally, it was something that I didn’t have too much but every once in a while I did and I thought this is there’s a lot of things out there…

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Crossfaded on Cannabis Cocktails: BONG APPÉTIT

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How To Make Sous Vide Pot Butter

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Mini Lobster Bite Appetizers

Hey folks I got something really cool to show you today to make I tested this recipe yesterday and my wife and my neighbors loved it it’s a mini lobster bites it’s a lobster salad and the unique thing is is that i use these they’re called puri it’s an indian bread that it’s deep-fried…

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How to Toast Bread

Selection of your bread is a critical first step. Any ultra-premium bread will suffice – such as this Mis Spelt Ancient grain loaf from Chessex. I’m going to be using the Bravado Diamante Series toaster from Umbria. Remember in the Northern hemisphere to orient the bread vertically and position centrally inside of the toaster like…

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