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[Jo] It doesn’t work. Because your bike is too old. So I just bought something that doesn’t work ? [Jo] Yes exactly. [Damon] Damo and Jo, is that you ? Hey everybody it’s Damon. Hey everybody it’s Jo. And it’s Damon and Jo. [Damon] Welcome to our house ! [Jo] Imagine. [Damon] Here is our…

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Qualities and Flaws

Salut c’est Géraldine, bienvenue sur Comme une Française TV, Sound French, even to the French. In the great swirl of everyday life, you meet people, you make new friends—great minds or poor souls. They all have the greatness of their qualities, des qualités (une qualité) and suffer for leurs défauts (un défaut), their flaws, each…

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My Guide to the Bread Etiquette in France

Salut c’est Géraldine. Welcome to Comme une Française TV, live in France, feel at home. If you’re planning on spending a nice Christmas in France with your in-laws, better not break the sacred rules about bread. The rules are engraved in popular culture, and only learned by experience. Even though bread seems like a detail,…

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