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Learn to talk about sugar in 6 minutes

Rob: I’m Rob. Welcome to 6 Minute English – we’ve got a sweet topic today, and six tempting items of vocabulary. Neil: Hello, I’m Neil. And we’re going to be talking about sugar – which many of us find tempting. But how much is too much, Rob? Rob: I don’t know, Neil, but hopefully we’ll…

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Wanda Sykes on Her Kids Speaking French

– Nice to see you, too. – Did you have a good holiday? – I did, I did. We went to, uh– It was the…French people year. [laughter] – You went with– – So, you know–you know my wife is French, so– – Yes. – So we went over to France this year to visit…

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French Superstitions – Putting Bread on a Table Upside Down and Knocking on Wood

metalic pump and all they’re solitary the you know met holy found a non-virtual a tab means to put bread upside down on the table in France it’s believed that putting bread upside down on a table will bring battle it’s because people believe that you will invite famine into the household however this is…

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