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Wrap №2 – Baked Tuna, Feta, Honey Mustard

First up is the Tuna which I’m not messing around with I’m sticking a fillet and the oven just lightly salted and peppered 420 degrees about 20 minutes Mmm. That is smelling good. Oh yeah Hmm pretty good just going to break this up into little chunks to make it more suitable for a wrap…

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Maple Garlic Butter Steak Bites | Easy Steak Appetizer

what is up everybody this is Lyle with milk hippie BBQ what I’m be doing today is gonna be some garlic butter steak bites this recipe was inspired by a website called cafe delights calm and what they did was they had made some Cajun butter steak bites and I thought that recipe was awesome…

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Steak with Dijon-Herb Butter, Spinach Artichoke Baked Potatoes & Beefsteak Tomato Salad

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Butter Rub Cheese Steaks by the BBQ Pit Boys

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Butter Basted Ribeye Steak | 버터 로즈메리 스테이크 굽기 | 프리미엄 한끼 | Premium Meal Daily

Ribeye (kept at room temperature for at least 2 hours) Garlic, rosemary Butter, wine, olive oil Mushrooms, salt & pepper The most important ingredient is The wine For best results, always start with a glass Pat dry the steak (very important) Both sides (always) Olive oil Salt Black pepper Both sides, all over Preheat pan…

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How a Janitor Became a James Beard Award Winning Chef Through Oaxacan Cuisine — Cooking in America

– [Sheldon Simeon] Chef Hugo Ortega began his journey as a goat herder in Mexico, only to end up winning a Southwest Best Chef James Beard award. After he immigrated to the US at the age of 16, his dish washing career led him to meet the woman that would change his career, and would…

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Binging with Babish: Steak au Poivre from Archer

– *sigh* What’s lame, Archer? The fact that we’re up against at least four highly trained North Korean agents? Or the fact that they all have got— – Peppercorns, Lana. – Well, I was gonna say Tokarevs and Shpagin-41 submachine guns, but yeah, let’s go with peppercorns. – Thank you! Because without peppercorns, it’s not…

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Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Butter

– Whether you are entertaining, maybe you wanna impress somebody or you just flat out love steak, this is the recipe for you. Quit messing around. It is a pan roasted filet mignon. Going with roasted mushrooms and we’re gonna top it off with some delicious blue cheese butter. It’s on point. Yes, for all…

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Classic Steak Frites Recipe

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Un-Wine’d Recipe: Steak with Maître d’Hotel Butter

So I’m gonna do a steak for you today with a wonderful garlic rub and a garlic maitre d’ butter. Hope you like it. Now what I’m doing, I’ve got a steak gorgeous two inch thick cut. I’ve got two cloves of garlic and a little bit of olive oil. I’m just gonna mix into…

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