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How to Grill a Rib-Eye

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Yes man, It’s your boy Qucee and we’re still here. In Dubai And we’re still busy with expensive things. Boys, tonight I’ll treat myself, because I’m going out for dinner, But ofcourse it’s all going to be very luxurious, that’s what Expensive Things is about. We are gonna eat crazy things, private chef, the full…

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STEAKS Cooked in BUTTER many ways | Guga Foods

Angel this is the golden dip steak. What? Are you ready for this? Boom! Golden dip! The golden dip baby! Check it out! Butter and steak is the perfect marriage. Whenever you’re cooking our steak and it’s almost done when finishing it with butter it takes it to another level. I am one of those…

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Garlic Butter Beef with Slit Roasted Potatoes

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Rib Steaks and Twisted Tea Butter Sauce

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Peanut Butter Chicken by the BBQ Pit Boys

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How To Make Compound Herb Garlic Butter – Best Steak Topping

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette and part four of our steak guide series. Today, I’ll show you how I make compound butter from scratch which is really delicious on a nice piece of steak. So first of all, what is compound butter? In Germany, it’s very popular for steaks and it’s called Kraiter Butter…

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Chicken That Deserves as Much Love as Steak — Prime Time

– So at the butcher shop, you know, everyone talks about different cuts of steak, what has the best fat, you go to steak houses. Nobody talks about chicken. – I wanna know how old’s that chicken, what breed is that chicken, what’s that chicken’s personality. So we’re at Le Coq Rico and we’re gonna…

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Butter Burgers recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

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60 Days BUTTER DRY AGED Experiment vs Real Dry Aged Steaks!

There’s nothing better than dry-aged or is there? For today’s cook dry-aging this beautiful export rib in butter In a lot of butter! I put the butter on top of the sous vide circulator so that it would come to room temperature faster then i put all of them into a pot to make it…

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