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Stop Motion Cooking – Butter Roast Chicken From Boxing Equipment ASMR 4K

This talented boxing athlete has encountered a rare incident, resulting in a worse outcome for his boxing career. Put on a headset and watch our video now!

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How To Make Baked Sweet Potato Pie From The Camera ASMR – How Cook

What do you think if I make baked sweet potato pie from the camera? Leave your comments below this video so we know what to do in the next video. Thank you!

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Stop Motion Cooking – Making Cheese Dog Bake From Garden Tools ASMR

If you want to know how our chef cooks special dishes from garden tools, don’t miss this video. This will definitely be an extremely interesting story.

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Can You be Addicted to Sugar?

This mouse loves sugar. He loves sugar so much that even after he’s eaten and should be pretty full, he crosses a metal platform that gives his feet electric shocks just to get a sweet reward. Sometimes our love of sugar makes us go a little overboard. We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve…

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Why Do We Love Sugar?

As much as we hate to admit it, we all know that too much sugar is bad for our health – yet we still consume a lot of it. So… why do we love sugar? Back in the 1970s, researchers gave a group of one hundred babies three harmless solutions with different tastes; sweet, sour…

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Stop Motion Cooking – Make Baked Sweet Potato Pie From The Camera ASMR

Have you ever known this special baked sweet potato dish? With the investment of our talented chef, you will surely be surprised when you see the final result.

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How stop motion animation began

This beetle is going into the city to see his lover. She’s a dancer. But this 1912 film is not just a staggeringly weird tale of insect infidelity. It’s the true kickoff to a stop motion tradition that has given us a ton of wildly different movies. But this invention didn’t come from Hollywood. It…

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Butter vs Margarine

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Talent vs Training

To be the best athlete, musician, or even gamer, you have to train relentlessly. But to what degree does natural talent come into play? Are some of us just born with a better chance to be the best at what we do? To study this question in sports, scientists have tried subjecting untrained individuals to…

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No Guessing Games | Barbie Stop Motion

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