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WE GOT A DOG! (Wholesome family vlog)

turn on CC for subtitle today is going to be my first time ever taking Brutus out for a walk and I’m kind of excited going to the park, Brutus! I never had a dog growing up but I’ve always wanted one is it you walking Brutus or you walking Brutus? but they weren’t really…

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¿Qué significa “Sugar Daddy”?

What “Sugar Daddy” means? In this video we see what is the meaning of the term “Sugar Daddy” and the phenomenon that underlies it, Sugar daddy is a term of English whose literal translation would be “sweet daddy” but beyond the simple translation there is much more to see and understand in this phenomenon. A…

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I Faked Becoming A Sugar Mommy, Here’s What Happened

hello how we doing this fine afternoon? I decided that it was finally time for me to make a video and cash in on that Christmas CPM a little while ago I’m made a video where I became a sugar baby and it did … pretty good and in that video without giving you any…

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I’m 23, He’s 55 – But He’s NOT My Sugar Daddy! | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

This is 23 year old Zadejah. She fell in love with 55 year old Tim. Zadejah: Because I’m really over the top. And he seemed very confident. That age gap has never been more than just a number for their relationship. Tim: A lot of people put the age gap thing as being this big…

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my PSYCHOTIC sugar daddy story. you aren’t ready.

Oh Man Oh man I fucking hate this video. I just wanna let you know we’re two seconds in and I fucking hate this story I have sat down to film this story in its entirety at least five times. I’m gonna be real with you I’m gonna be straight up with you This video…

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(akward silence)……… OH! I have an intro. MAC! So Im broke. Thats a thing we all- Step back So I’m broke. Last year (if you don’t know) I had an experience where I tried to get a sugar daddy and it completely failed- you look so awkward -(wheeze) -I wanted to look awkward (?) I…

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Ed Sheeran’s Unexpected Heartbreak 💔& An Accidental Sugar Baby | My First Time Ep. 5

– Your first heartbreak really effects you for the rest of your life. That first heartbreak sucks. – You got some that they cry about it, they write notes, and it’ll change their life forever. – You were just looking for your heart’s forever home, and it just gets abandoned. – Ah. – The first…

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My Sugar Daddy Takes Me To Las Vegas!

Hey everybody! Here, we are having a little vacation. – Las Vegas, Nevada. The Palazzo Hotel. Unbelievable. – We are here having a blast. And celebrating our 4 Year Anniversary! Wow! Four years already. Only seems like ten. I think. Now let’s go lose some money. – Yeah. Why not, we already have. If you’re…

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Neil Patrick Harris – “Sugar Daddy” – from Hedwig

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Mike: If I wanted a sugar daddy, yes I’d probably go and get one because I am what? Sickening! You can never have a sugar daddy because you are not that kind of girl, baby everything I’ve worked for I’ve gotten myself. I built myself from the ground up fucking– biiitCH Mac: Today we’re trying…

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