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The Myth of ‘Natural’ Sugar

Up next on SUGARbriety. Which is worse for you? 7 teaspoons of sugar? Or this luscious Large Red Delicious Apple? Table sugar and apples both contain the sugary carbohydrates glucose and fructose. These are the most common sugars in high carbohydrate foods. Table sugar. Also known as sucrose contains one glucose and one fructose joined…

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How To Make Brown Sugar Cookies

Hi everybody it’s Sam here from Sugar Spun Run, And today I’ll be showing you how to make these soft and chewy Brown Sugar Cookies. If you guys have made any of my other cookie recipes in the past, you may have already caught on to the fact that I love using brown sugar. The…

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Simple Sugars & Complex Carbs

One important classification of carbohydrates is based on the number of sugar units that they are made of. Glucose is one of the three nutritionally relevant monosaccharides found in food. The prefix mono, for one, means that these molecules are made of a single sugar unit. The two other monosaccharides are fructose and galactose. As…

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How Cane Sugar Is Made

Cane sugar has been a sweetener of choice for over two thousand years. It is used in all types of foods due to its versatility. It enhances flavor, aroma, texture, and browning. It also helps retain moisture and preserve freshness. Sugar starts with sugar cane. A tall tropical grass that can grow up to 20…

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HOW TO MAKE SUGAR COOKIE DOUGH || Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Hey there! Today i’m going to provide a sugar cookie recipe for you it can be easily used for anything you like as well as doubled for a larger batch Here are the ingredients you’re going to need 8 ounces of butter 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract 1 egg 1/2 teaspoon baking powder…

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3 Common Misconceptions About Sugar

“Sugar makes children hyper”. We’ve all heard this before and maybe you’ve even observed it in kids. But… it’s actually a misconception. There are lots of widely believed misconceptions about science that are just plain wrong – like “You only use ten percent of your brain”. You really use one hundred percent of your brain….

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Sugar Marijuana Goblet – Tipsy Bartender

– Hey, guys. Today we’re making this: the Sugar Marijuana Goblet. – [Man] Excellent! Excellent! It’s sexy. We can get to the Goblet in a second, but let’s start here. Everclear: pour! Midori. Spiced Rum. Pour! I’ll tell you when to stop. We can hit this with some Coconut Rum, That’s a big bottle, so…

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Can You be Addicted to Sugar?

This mouse loves sugar. He loves sugar so much that even after he’s eaten and should be pretty full, he crosses a metal platform that gives his feet electric shocks just to get a sweet reward. Sometimes our love of sugar makes us go a little overboard. We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve…

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How To Make SUGAR CUBES At Home

Welcome to Inspire to Cook! Today, I am going to show you a super easy way to make sugar cubes. Sugar Cubes are actually a really cool food you can have Especially if you have a tea party or you like to drink coffee or tea But they are very expensive, I think they are…

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That Sugar Film – Official Trailer

Sugar is now found in 80% of the foods we eat. But with the constant confusion over its effects on our health, and with this little person on the way, I feel like I need some definitive answers. The point is to test out a very high sugar diet. How are you going to do…

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