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Sugar Substitutes Review (Best Sweeteners For Health)

Hello and welcome to shopping with Dr. Ekberg we’re just going to talk a little bit about sweeteners we have heard a lot about high fructose corn syrup versus sugar versus agave and brown rice syrup and all that stuff well there’s not that much difference between them except high fructose corn syrup is the…

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Top 8 Natural Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives

The American Heart Association has recommended in their heart-healthy guidelines that you should not consume more than 100 to 150 calories from added sugars. Added sugars are considered the sugar and syrups that are added to food either during processing or preparation. Sugar affects each and every part of your body, from head to toe….

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5 Healthy Sugar Alternatives

sugar is everywhere and if you’re trying to be healthy and cut back on your sugar intake it can be quite tricky not only is there sugar in a lot of foods that we normally consume in a day but there’s added sugars and natural sugars you need to watch out for on top of…

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