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Grow, Cook and Preserve with Sustainable Holly

Hi, I’m Holly and welcome to my Youtube channel. I’m a garden blogger and photographer and I will be posting videos on how to grow food naturally and sustainably. You’ll learn how to grow your own food, no matter the size of the garden and also how to cook and preserve what you grow. Plus…

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Styling the Christmas table with Aggies Food Studio

welcome to Fiona’s food for life YouTube channel cook eat nourish I’ve got another interview lined up for you today make sure you listen to the end so you get there three tips to how you can cook today to become healthier please like and comment below and don’t forget to subscribe hope you enjoy…

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Alex Bellini on Nurturing the World of Tomorrow round table

Tonight I was inspired about the fact that we were here talking to a nice audience and the panelists which I was part of were coming from different backgrounds, from different countries, from different walks of life. Explorers, scientists, research environmentalist, and so this is clearly the idea that we are all in the same…

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Ian Campbell on Nurturing the World of Tomorrow round table

The diverse nature of the panel and experts were phenomenal. The fact that we had Professor Upmanu Lall who was a fantastic speaker tonight, Alex Bellini, Kathleen Rogers… It was really a fantastic group to be with, it was an honor to be with them tonight. Well, as Alex was talking I thought about his…

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Kathleen Rogers on Nurturing the World of Tomorrow round table

I think the diversity of not just professionally but of opinion. It was such an interesting group, Alex was amazing, to think in the 15 days he’s going to take off and row across the Pacific. Listening to the stories and the stats coming out of our speaker from Columbia University. He was quite inspiring…

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Upmanu Lall on Nurturing the World of Tomorrow round table

I was inspired by the panel tonight because we had an adventurer, eco-engineer and a person who is trying to propagate Earth Day around the world. That combination really speaks to the kind of things we need to bring together to start solving many of the environmental problems of the world. Because they are a…

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Anne Bowser on Nurturing the World of Tomorrow round table

I hope that the public can think critically about the different types of solutions that we have to address, the critical environmental issues that we’re facing. Anyone who thinks that they can box the private sector out of solutions to environmental crisis is very short-sighted. I think that the private sector can play a leadership…

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Nurturing the World of Tomorrow – Round Table @ Embassy of Italy in Washington

We are celebrating the 140th year anniversary of our company This is history brings expertise, knowledge and also responsibility The enthusiasm and commitment to create a new environmental path

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