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Your Wealth Building Plan | Dewiyanti (Promo)

Hi guys! I’m Dewi, Plenty of people do their routines, day and night to gather their wealth. But when their physical strength started decreasing, sick, or nearing retirement, they started worrying. If I stop, where am I getting income from? It means they’re rich, but not wealthy. Well, being rich and being wealthy is not…

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Wild Food Free Medicine Plants that Heal

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This Zero Waste Vending Machine Should Be Everywhere

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Nutrient Film Technique NFT Aquaponics

JONATHAN: Hello. This is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics. Today, we are with Celine, from Vietnam. Celine is French as well but we’re going to make this video in English just so you can understand what we say. So they got an amazing aquaponics system here. We have an NFT system nutrient film technique and what…

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Hydro Fuel Bloom A&B – A Green Planet Nutrients Product Overview

Hydro Fuel Bloom A&B is used in conjunction for the bloom stage of the plants life. It is important to add the two formulas separately and mix the first before adding the second. In week one put in 12ml of Hydro Fuel Bloom A per gallon of water. Mix well then add 12ml of Hydro…

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How to Add Iron Nutrients Into Your Aquaponics System

One of the important things to remember in your aquaponics system is that you are trying to feed the plants all of the nutrients that they need which they would normally get in the soil. Unfortunately the fish feed does not give them all the nutrients. One of the major nutrients that we have issues…

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When to Fertilize Fruit Trees |Jim Kamas |Central Texas Gardener

– A question I get every fall is should I fertilize my fruit trees now and if so, what ratio fertilizer? Again, it’s probably not a good idea to fertilize fruit trees this time of year, especially with nitrogen. Nitrogen and fall rains can trigger a new flush of vegetative growth that can leave the…

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Panasonic Continues Commitment to Nurture Indonesian Football Athletes and Enthusiasts

Today on the 24th of January, Panasonic sponsored for the first time the ‘Panasonic Cup 2015,’ hosting its football team GAMBA Osaka’s first overseas friendship match against Indonesian team Persija Jakarta. As the first official game since the J-league and Indonesia Super League announced their collaboration, the game emphasized on the fairness of football and…

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What role can play aquaponics in the future of food production? | food production Video

What role can aquaponics play in the future of food production? This is what we’re going to see together in this video. [Music] So if you’ve followed my channel for a while, you know that aquaponics is a really cool way to produce some food. We can all produce a bit of food in our…

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