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Churros Recipe: Keep Calm And Bake 7

Welcome back to Keep Calm and Bake. My name is Caroline Mili Artiss and today I am going to teach you how to make some amazing churros. [music] Churros is actually very easy to make. There is just a few ingredients and we are going to start by making the dough. So I have 250…

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古法红糖|Providing warmth in the winter, quietly hidden in the bubbles of old brown sugar|Liziqi channel

Sugarcane Grandma, I have just used the cow (to carry sugar cane), let it to have a rest. Juicing Juicing Filtration Boil to form foam Grandma! Can you help me clean the pot! Lost a lot (of juice) ,huh? Agitation Solidification of syrup Whisk to form sandy sugar crystals Molding Oops, one broke Ziqi: It’s…

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No Bake Vanilla Coconut Squares Recipe – Amy Lynn’s Kitchen

[happy music] Hi everyone! I’m Amy. And today I’m making no-bake vanilla coconut squares. This recipe combines vanilla wafers, coconut and marshmallows to make a delicious dessert. So let’s get started! Spray an 8×8 pan with nonstick cooking spray and then set it aside. Crush enough vanilla wafers to make 3 cups and then set…

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Jess Connelly performs Sweet Tooth on The Splash | #ThePoolShow

What’s up? How is everybody? My name is Jess Connelly, and today with me I have Mr. LUSTBASS. Please give a round of applause for him. Alright, today, Imma sing you something off of my latest EP, ATM. This is called “Sweet Tooth.” ♫ Ooh ♫ ♫ Ooh ♫ ♫ Oh my sugar how ya,…

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“Sofi” apple mini-pies recipe by MariSo – without eggs or butter

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How to make a Renaissance sugar sculpture I Pleasant Vices recipe

So welcome to the final episode of the Pleasant Vices series and today we’re going to end on a sugar high. We’re making a renaissance sugar plate recipe. Sugar plate is a paste which was used for sugar sculptures during the Renaissance period. These sugar sculptures would have been primarily for display and not necessarily…

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What If You Only Ate Sugar?

Everyone has their favorite candy and sweets! Chocolate, gummies, lollipops. Everyone loves a sweet treat now and again. But can you imagine what it would be like if you could eat your favorite treats for a week straight? The average american consumes about 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day. Added means anything that’s not…

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Billy teaches Gabo how to bake | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

Flour is expensive in our country because it has to be imported. That’s why we don’t throw away unsold bread. You know, we can also mix this with kalihim . Kalihim ? You don’t know what that is? Pan de regla ? Kabukiran ? Ligaya ? My god . Are you sure you’re Filipino? Yes…

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How to Make Victoria Sandwiches – The Victorian Way

Lord and Lady Braybrooke have guests for afternoon tea, and so I am in the garden looking for flowers to help with the decoration. I’m going to make Victoria Sandwiches, everybody loves Victoria Sandwiches. For these you will need: The first step is to whisk the eggs. You will need to whisk them for a…

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How to Make Gingerbread – The Victorian Way

Oh, hello. I’ve just found an old gingerbread recipe. I think I might make it for Christmas. The ingredients are… To the treacle, you need to add a quarter of an egg that’s been very well beaten. This is quite an old fashioned recipe, so I prefer to add more sugar. This gingerbread has quite…

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