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People Try Weird Peanut Butter Combinations

– Hi – Hello. – Robin. – Hi. You ready for peanut butter? – Yes. – Let’s do this. (upbeat jazz music) – I’m just excited, kind of. I like peanut butter and I like burgers. – This is like free lunch in high school. – I’m assuming it’s a burger with peanut butter on…

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WHAT’S UP YOUTUBE? Today we are going to try some more weird soda’s. Whoo, so let’s try some weird soda’s. So let’s go down the list and see what we have in store for us today. Butter soda Dirt soda AHAHA Birthday cake soda, that sounds good. Burros Churros soda Burros Churros soda AHEUH And…

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How to Grow Foods with the Highest Nutrient Density & Best Taste

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. Today I have another exciting episode for you, and what I’m going to talk about today is something near and dear to my hear. We’re going to talk about brix testing. So, in a recent episode, I don’t know, a dozen episodes back or so now, I did…

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