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How to Bake a Potato in the Microwave

Hi there folks. It’s UFO Bob, and I’ve got one question for ya. Do you know how to bake a potato in the microwave? Now baking a potato in the microwave is really simple. You start with a Russet potato, or as I like to say, “tater”. Then you wash it thoroughly. After that you…

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Crunchy Best Homemade Potato Nuggets Recipe – Potato Pakora – Aloo Pakora – Besan Pakora

Today shall made Potato Nuggets If you like this recipe then plz subscribe & Like my channel This recipe loved by everyone This potato nuggets or potato pakora with hot tea is very enjoyable in this rainy season Let see the Ingredients to make potato nuggets Boiled potato 300 gms, finely chopped after removing peel…

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