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SUGAR Volt: Boeing’s Hybrid Electric Aircraft

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Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Why mixing alcohol, sugar and caffeine can be a bad idea

Not exactly what you would expect to see in a chemistry professors office, right? I don’t know why not. We’re looking at a bunch of chemicals here mostly ethanol in this one and a whole batch of chemicals in here. Now first a disclaimer: I have never in my life tasted this particular beverage. I…

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The Way We Think About Sugar Is Going To Change

Okay, so I’m going into the HowStuffWorks kitchen area. Let’s see Cherry Coke. 42 grams of sugar in a Cherry Coke. How about Mountain Dew? 46 grams in a can of Mountain Dew. OK. I’m one of those weird people who likes to look at the nutrition facts label on food, and something that’s always…

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Pohon alpukat mentega buah lebat

I was in an avocado tree This butter has a friend This fruit is quite bushy This is a tree about 6 meters high Above the house Friends I will open it Avocado butter It’s cooked I have been cultivating for three days The skin is shiny green This is one kg of two Approximately…

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This Indestructible NASA Camera Revealed Hidden Patterns on Jupiter

Here’s this planet with all these incredible storms going on. It’s that awe when you’re confronted with something that’s completely natural, no human had any hand in it. I think it gives you a sense of the power of nature. One of the most resourceful digital cameras to ever travel beyond Earth is capturing hidden…

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Primitive Technology: Simple rabbit trap in the forest and bake it in an aboriginal way

Primitive Technology: Rabbit trap in the forest and bake it in an aboriginal way

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Google Pixel Slate Review: half-baked

– I don’t even know where to start with this thing. This is the new Pixel Slate, it’s not quite the first Chrome OS tablet ever but it is the first one that signals Google is really trying to make Chrome OS its big screen computing platform of the future. It’s a tablet that runs…

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Here’s What to Expect When Boeing Launches Starliner | Countdown to Launch

Boeing is no stranger to space. This company has been there since the beginning, playing a pivotal role in programs like Project Mercury, Apollo, and now, Artemis. So it was no surprise that in 2014, NASA awarded Boeing a $4.2 billion dollar contract to build and operate a commercial crew capsule for its astronauts. Starliner…

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The life and legacy of star chef Gary Rhodes

The chocolate glaze. Wow. Time to take them out. So let’s lift out these beautiful rashers. Look at that. There’s endless combinations that you can do with it, but this is going to be one of their old favourites.

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Why Does the Flu Come Back Every Year?

‘The flu’ has become a slang term that refers to almost any ailment where you juuuust don’t feel quite right. But influenza proper is a handful of specific viruses that invade the respiratory lining, evade the immune system, and mutate at a rate that even the world’s most brilliant doctors, scientists, and health organizations struggle…

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