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Peter Reinhart: The art of baking bread

This is a wheat bread, a whole wheat bread, and it’s made with a new technique that I’ve been playing around with, and developing and writing about which, for lack of a better name, we call the epoxy method. And I call it an epoxy method because — it’s not very appetizing. I understand that…

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Steven Pinker: Human nature and the blank slate

A year ago, I spoke to you about a book that I was just in the process of completing, that has come out in the interim, and I would like to talk to you today about some of the controversies that that book inspired. The book is called “The Blank Slate,” based on the popular…

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Nurture Your Passion: Alireza Eskandari at [email protected]

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How the food you eat affects your gut – Shilpa Ravella

Trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi live on or inside of us, and maintaining a good, balanced relationship with them is to our advantage. Together, they form the gut microbiome, a rich ecosystem that performs a variety of functions in our bodies. The bacteria in our guts can break down food the body can’t digest,…

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The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health | Julia Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch

Translator: Mayumi Oiwa-Bungard Reviewer: Queenie Lee In 1847, a physician by the name of Semmelweis advised that all physicians wash their hands before touching a pregnant woman, in order to prevent childbed fever. His research showed that you could reduce the mortality rates from septicemia, from 18% down to 2%, simply through washing your hands…

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Epigenetics and the influence of our genes | Courtney Griffins | TEDxOU

Translator: H Maria Castro Reviewer: Denise RQ Nine years ago, I found myself in a doctor’s office, contemplating the nature versus nurture debate from a fresh perspective. You see, I had been trained as a geneticist and had spent my career manipulating DNA and seeing the profound consequences in a lab setting so I’d always…

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Exploring the mind of a killer | Jim Fallon

I’m a neuroscientist, a professor at the University of California. And over the past 35 years, I’ve studied behavior on the basis of everything from genes through neurotransmitters, dopamine, things like that, all the way through circuit analysis. So that’s what I normally do. But then, for some reason, I got into something else, just…

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Your elusive creative genius | Elizabeth Gilbert

I am a writer. Writing books is my profession but it’s more than that, of course. It is also my great lifelong love and fascination. And I don’t expect that that’s ever going to change. But, that said, something kind of peculiar has happened recently in my life and in my career, which has caused…

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How the food you eat affects your brain – Mia Nacamulli

Your Brain on Food If you sucked all of the moisture out of your brain and broke it down to its constituent nutritional content, what would it look like? Most of the weight of your dehydrated brain would come from fats, also known as lipids. In the remaining brain matter, you would find proteins and…

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Une alimentation plus équitable grâce aux insectes: JB de Panafieu at TEDxParis 2013

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Mary Kay Hello. In 2011, the European Union invested 3 million euros researching the consumption of insects. Does Europe really believe that we’re going to start eating insects? This is not a question of belief, but rather one of the paths we could follow as a solution to a food safety…

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